Man vs Wild: Truth vs Deception?

I have recently started watching the Discovery Channel’s series, Man vs. Wild and find it entertaining; and the star of the show, Bear Grylls, is not bad to look at for an hour either.

However, I too had always wondered about his supposed “loneliness” in the wild considering there was obviously an entire camera crew filming surrounding him every minute of the show. It also made me wonder about some of his more unbelievable survival attempts.

Now comes this Hollywood Reporter article that claims that the UK’s Channel 4 has been doing some digging into this show and found that the star has been staying in motels when he supposedly was snuggling up between a rock and a hard place out in the wild. (If anyone has a link to those Channel 4 revelations, please let me know!)

Granted, there is no way this show could be created without having a film crew follow him around - it does sort of ruin the entire premise if you think at some point while he is dangling off of a cliff the director says, “Cut” and, instead of cutting the rope, they stop and have some scones and tea and do some touch up on Bear’s makeup and confirm their reservations at the Four Seasons Maui.

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