Man Who Catch Fly With Chopsticks Accomplish Anything

I have proven that I can, indeed, accomplish anything.

It wasn’t even a housefly, but a fruit fly…tonight I caught a fly, out of the air, with chopsticks.

I dedicate the catching of this fly to Noriyuki “Pat” Morita.

You beginner luck.

Yeah, but fruit flies are notoriously slow. Catch a housefly.

I can catch a maggot with chopsticks… does that count?

No, I’m sorry. I lied. I lied to sound cool. I’m really, really sorry.

In the movie Samurai 2, a group of gambling bad guys prepare to attack samurai Toshiro Mifune, who is peaceably eating his lunch of rice with chopsticks. He studiously ignores them and concentrates on conspicuously catching some troublesome flies out of the air with his chopsticks. The bad guys pause, recalculate their chances against a well-armed samurai who’s deft enough to do this, and decide to back off.

Consider yourself as skilled as a feared samurai.

I just tried this. I didn’t catch it, but it will never have children again.

We had some customers from China visiting a few years ago, and we took them out to a Chinese restaurant. They were impressed to see that I’d requested chopsticks in place of western utensils, and they asked if I could use them.

In reply, I said nothing, but plunged the chopsticks into my glass of ice water and came out with a single, tiny, slippery fragment of ice. They were impressed.
Admittedly, it’s not as good as catching a fly on the wing. Ice traditionally flies a lot more slowly than a house fly, or a fruit fly. But it made me feels good.

Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like…a banana? A chopstick?

West Indian spinner Sonny Ramadhin used to be able to kill flies by snapping his fingers on them as they flew past.

Caught a fly ball, did you?