Man who groped woman says it's OK since Trump does it

I guess this would happen eventually

That’s no defense at all. Trump clearly states and believes that you need to be famous before you start sexually assaulting women and I’ve never even heard of this guy.

Now you have.

It does work retro-actively. Ex-post facto gropo.

“a Florida man”

Well, he’s famous now, got his pitcher all over teh interwebs and everything, so this skeevy looking sack of shit and Trump protégé can presumably now grope away to his heart’s content. He’s Making America Great Again™.

Correction: Making America Grope-Able.

Correction: the president said you could grab them “by the pussy” if you’re a “star”. Arguably Brian Alexander is famous now, but I’m not sure there’s agreement that he’s a “star”.

However, in his defense, he didn’t grab the alleged victim “by the pussy”, but groped her breast repeatedly. A case could be made that this is a lesser privilege, and is covered by the fifteen minutes of fame that Mr. Alexander has acquired.

Perhaps the president could clarify this with an executive order?

In the interest of fairness, perhaps women should be allowed to knee men in their happy place should they decide to pull a Trump. I expect most men would find it as objectionable as women find groping.

But only prospective stars. If some non-famous lady kneed me in the balls, I might have some complaints. But if she was famous. … oh… boy…

I’d shut my eyes and think of Trump.

No, no, she has to respond with a body slam. Trump said that he respects that.

You mean a Tweet?

Milking American Great Again

Nixon said if the prez does something that makes it legal. I think he said that to David Frost during the famous interviews

I’ve always wondered if Trump meant this figuratively, similar to the expression “grab life by the balls.” The latter is about controlling things, so the former in a figurative sense would imply that you could heavily influence women’s sexual attraction if you were famous enough.

Sure; that’s totally supported by the context of the discussion. :rolleyes:


Literally no one else wonders that.

God damnit will people stop detracting from the midterms!

Yeah, men shouldn’t try to assault women when the midterms are in the balance!


Wow, that is disgusting. And not shocking at all.