Manchester United and AIG

Taking the smack talk for or against “Los Diablos Rojos” out of it, do you think the AIG debacle has affected Man U’s merchandising efforts?

Man U (at one point) had the second highest global income in merchadising, with the New York Yankees still holding the top dollar spot. I am a Man U fan. I was in a soccer store and saw a jersey that I’d been looking for and I opted not to buy it because of the AIG bullseye that would ress uncomfortably over my heart. I went the safer route and bought a generic Man U t-shirt without the AIG logo. I am only one American fan, but I imagine that there are others who have had the same internal debate.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Ed Liddy already told Congress that he believes the name will have to be changed. I’d bet it will happen within the year.

In any case, AIG’s sponsorship of Man U only lasts until May of next year and the company has already said it doesn’t plan to renew.

I’m not sure that the name AIG means much outside the US, even with the Man U connection.
Personally, in the extremely unlike event that I were looking to buy one of the shirts, the AIG logo would put me off because it’s so damn ugly. The Vodafone and Sharp shirts were nice enough, but the current logo ruins it.