Mandating school prayer: my response to a an online petition

One of my brothers just sent me this email, ostensibly originating with James Dobson’s organization:

Here was my response:

I forgot to mention that I added afterwards…

Anyway, I thought you folks might appreciate it.

There’s also the fact that online petitions are pretty ineffective.

Oh, and this particular one is an old urban legend, and has been debunked by Snopes. James Dobson has denied having anything to do with this.

I knew the former, but not the latter, though it surprises me not. The point of the missive–the first one, anywhistle–was to argue against mandated school prayer. Also to annoy my brother (not the one who sent me the email, but another who was copied on the first letter and to whom I copied my response).

At least they’ve changed the wording of the bill phrase to make it less obviously fake.