Mange II - the re-launch of the Snow Pea

It’s been a long and challenging project, but my boat (quite comically disastrous at the first launch) now has an outrigger and is ready for testing this coming Saturday.

I’m being cautious this time though - last time I had this enormously elaborate plan for a trip miles and miles right down the river, and never got further than a dozen yards off the slipway.

So this is a test, just a test.

Here’s hoping for a better launch this time!

YAY! it actually worked this time!

The Snow Pea is ludicrously stable with the outrigger fitted. This was just a brief test run, but everything went just fine. I’m uploading video now, but the site is already partly updated with some photos.

It was good to see Si Blakely at the re-launch. Sorry I didn’t get more chance to stop and chat Si…

Well, good for you and for your boat. That’s a rather distinctively shaped boat you have–with or without the outrigger.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Looks like a good load carrier there - lots of buoyancy in reserve with an adult and child aboard.

It’s beautiful, Mange! Congratulations, and well done! :slight_smile:

Major congratulations on a dream realized!


That’s so cool! Congratulations!

No worries - you had enough to deal with :smiley:

She (the Snow Pea) is a sweet little boat - I really am in awe of the craftsmanship that Mangetout has demonstrated. When summer comes, she’ll be great for a wander down the river. And I can imagine Mangetout with a line out to catch something (apparently anything) to eat.

Well done.


Good show mate!

I almost brought a net with me this time - at this launch and the previous, I could see quite large fish swimming near the surface around the boat - I reckon now that the stability is solved, it shouldn’t be completely impossible just to scoop a couple of them out and take them home for tea.

Just uploaded some of si_blakely’s photos to the web page, thanks for those!

That is a cool boat! And you have very cute kids too.

Well done. How is it to paddle on the outrigger side? It looks a little awkward with the arms for the outrigger fore and aft of you. I’m guessing it may be easiest to paddle on the other side with a J-stroke to keep you straight.

It’s actually not all that bad - I originally thought I would mount the outrigger on a single stout bar emerging perpendicular to the central rib, but decided on this design specifically to make room for paddle clearance (also the triangular layout means I could use slimmer, lighter timbers and still have it nice and strong.
The pylons are set above the edges of the decks and although they converge fairly sharply, there’s ample available stroke length between the main hull and the outrigger nacelle.

I do need to spend a bit more time on the water getting the feel of the boat though - much of the relaunch trip consisted of not quite being in control.

I think I made my paddle blade too large though - I might have to tweak that a bit.

Looks to be a seaworthy craft.

Once you’ve perfected the J-stroke, you’ll have mastered your steering problem.

Thanks for the encouragement - I think you’re right - I just need to get in some practice - maybe on a still body of water so I can understand the movement of the boat, without the confounding factor of a river flow.

Missed this yesterday. Well done! I’m surprised how small the outrigger is, but delighted for you that it had such a significant stabilising effect.