Manhattan Apartment Advice

Hey all,

So I am excited. I just graduated from the University at Buffalo and I have been interviewing for months for a Marketing Job with Bose. I got the call today that it’s mine :slight_smile:

It’s about a 55,000 dollar job to start but they pay for the following:

Company Car
Cell Phone

So I am pretty excited. The only thing I have to be careful about is that I have to live in Manhattan (no ifs ands or buts). My boss wants me there. He actually raised the starting offer just to make sure I do live there.

My question to you: What areas would be good for a young recent grad with a salary like mine? I am looking for an area where I might have some more college grads around or something cool.

I want a 1 bedroom+kitchen+main room

I understand that lots of my income will go towards rent. Give me some suggestions :slight_smile:


You already did this one over a week ago. Get a new schtick.

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