Manhattan apartment - they want a guarantor???

Yesterday, I talked to a real estate broker about finding an apartment on Manhattan. I filled out the expected info - price range (good gawd), how much I make (enough for my price range, and had this job for a long time), my assessment of my credit rating (in pretty good shape).

They also wanted to know about a guarantor.

Now, this seems a bit odd - I’ve never been asked to provide a guarantor before, and would only expect it to even come up if they found something dodgy on my credit report.

So… a few questions:

  1. Do all Manhattan landlords require a guarantor these days, regardless of circumstances? Even if my credit’s fine, my income’s stable, etc.?

  2. What information about me does the guarantor have access to?

  3. What are the guarantor’s responsibilities, beyond paying rent if I’m not able to?

I’m really reluctant to put anybody in that sort of position… any more information on this will be very helpful.

Its standard if you’re under 25.

Well, that wouldn’t be it… I can hold my liquor like I’m under 25, but my birth cert and my gray hairs say I’m a fair bit older than that.