Manhattan damage map?

It’s my understanding that the World Trade Center collapse took out not just the WTC towers, but most of the nearby buildings. Does anyone know of an online map showing what buildings have been damaged or destroyed? I heard about something like this on MSNBC’s website, but I couldn’t find it. Any help?

CNN has a decent one:

Here’s a nice isometric view.

The isometric view IS nice. The CNN map is pretty good, too.

Speaking of which…
That Greek Orthodox church right across the sreet from the WTC. Is that the church that you see in the background of almost every picture of Wall Street?

No. The one you’re thinking of is Trinity Church.

St. Nick’s, the one destroyed, was one of my favorites, and I always made a point to walk by when I was in the area.

Perfectly normal church like you’d find anywhere in the country, except that it was standing in the shadow of the Biggest Ghoddamned Office Complex In The World. WTC to the north, WFC across the street.

It kind of reminded me of that Bugs Bunny cartoon where they had to build the skyscraper with a cut-out of his hole. And kind of like a last bastion of spirituality in the land of commerce.

I hope their parishioners do OK.

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I’m not sure “nice” is the appropriate word to use here, folks. How about “informative”?

How did it happen that 7WTC collapsed, while 5WTC and 6WTC were “merely” badly damaged? I’d have thought that they’d have been swamped completly by the debris…?

From a useful information point-of-view, the isometric views are nice, even if the subject is horrific. Somone went to a fair bit of work to produce that, and they did it well.

I concur that it’s a “nice” map, as in “well done”. Not “nice” as in “Grandma on the front porch with lemonade and cookies” nice.

Geez, it made me want to cry all over again.

Good lord.

My husband is a 3-D architectural computer modeler. He’ll be all over this like white on rice.

Note that CNN’s isometric map appears to be a bit out of date; the first map listed shows 5 WTC as having collapsed (although I believe that was done intentionally; anyone know? I haven’t seen any news on it).

5 and 6 WTC are short and squat. 6 is close to the base of 1, so maybe it didn’t take as much of a hit from the upper floors of 1 as 7 did.

If you picture the WTC like a “U”, 1 and 2 are at the bend and 4 and 5 are at the ends. Even though 5 is still “standing” for all practical purposes it looks pretty far gone. Even though 6 might not have had a catastrophic collapse, It’s still covered by debris from 1 and I assume they’re going to tear both down once the time is right.

Me too.

Satellite Image From 9/15

6 World Trade Center looks partially destroyed in the image. I hope the Barclay-Vesey Building (Verizon Building) makes it through OK. Anyone know which buildings are still evacuated?

Egads. Evertime I see this or images of the attack, my warmonger tendencies get riled up again.

That’s an absolutely stunning photo! Incredible technology.

That image puts me in mind of something a friend who survived the WTC said a couple of days ago: “A formerly beautiful smile, with a few teeth knocked out”. He was talking about his company, where many didn’t made it out, but I think it’s appropriate for the buildings, as well. has what is presumably the original source for the CNN map: Building Structural Status

well, manhattan, st. nick’s is talking rebuild. they were given 50,000 from the patriarchate of constantinople, as well as contributions from all over. fr romas and archbishop demetrios have gone to the site a few times to lead prayer services, and try to salvage church items. one member of the parish was in the church at the time of the attack. he was able to get out and get to brooklyn safely. the parish will be having services at st spyridon in upper manhattan for a bit. for more details.

Is it true that a body with bound hands was found on one of the buildings near the former WTC?

Nope. Just the hands.

No go. The building still stands, but has been deemed structurally unsound and will probably end up being demolished. At least that’s what corporate is telling us. I have photos taken by fellow technicians from inside the building, showing the massive gaping holes and all of the damaged equipment.

We’re not even trying to repair circuits that terminate in or pass through that central office. Every single circuit is being moved to nearby Pearl Street CO.

I’ll send the photos to anybody who can take a 3MB email. Just shoot me an email if you want them.

All 3 World Financial Center Buildings are are still evacuated as of 9/27. 1 WFC has some structural damage and 2 WFC has all the windows busted out but is structurally OK.