manhatten closes perfectly reasonable thread

he claims it was stupid, and closed it.

nothing against manhatten, but really. the OP asked what was the sixth most popular simpsons charachter. assuming the OP meant the most popular charachter after the original 5 simpsons, well, i agree, it is stupid.

but 99% of the threads on here are equally stupid.

the closing of this thread was uncalled for, i think. it’s no more stupid than “how can i replace my windshield wipers with something that is not a windshield wiper” or “i had an orgasm on the jungle gym in elementary school, please explain thi…” or any other interesting but equally stupid questions here.

nothing against manhatten… i’d probably get a little itchy on the trigger finger if i were him. but really.

and i’d guess that the sixth most popular charachter on the simpsons is mr. burns.

you crazy?? its Apu!!!

Back to the OP, Manhattan almost did the right thing; it certainly didnt belong in GQ. He should have moved the thread to MPSIMS, not killed it.

  1. Homer
  2. Bart
  3. Duffman
  4. Lisa
  5. Moe
    6) Mr Burns


I forgot Police Chief Wiggim. He’d be in joint 6th place with Monty Burns.

Two points :

1 : You spelled his name wrong : It’s Manhattan.

2 : The question, as it reads, and in the forum it was posted in, was stupid. Popularity is a subjective matter. If it had been more of an objective question, like “Which character is featured more times” then maybe it would have had a chance. As it was, it as more suited for In My Humble Opinion than General Questions.

I think the real reason he closed the thread is because you can’t spell his name right.

Sometimes, it’s a lot quicker to close a thread than to move it. And, while I can’t read manny’s mind, I think that perhaps he left this thread closed as a Warning To Others. Remember, each time you start a thread in GQ, it bumps another thread to the second page. Since GQ has such a quick turnover anyway, it’s not a good idea to start a thread there if you’re not SURE it belongs in that forum.

I agree that the question does not belong in GQ. But was it really neccessary to call it “stupid?” Especially with a new poster? It seems to me that some gentle instruction rather than a label would have been more useful. Unless there’s some background to this of which I know not.

I wouldn’t call someone who’s been around for a year and a half a new poster.

The thread that was called “stupid” was started by a guy that just registered this month.

My guess is itchy trigger finger, probably caused by that total, non-user agreement readin’ mutha-fucka Captain Ford posting shit in two different fora (fori?) about his Ford aftermarket product website. That would be enough to make me shoot first and ask questions later.

Actually, I was the one who got the pleasure of dealing with Captain Ford last night. Really made my night and took me away from other things I would rather had been doing.

There was no itchy trigger finger. The Simpsons thread was closed for completely legitimate reasons.

Bet thats real annoying Devid B :wink:

I closed it for the reason I said. It was a stupid question.

Yes, we get a lot of stupid questions in GQ. So many that they are clogging the forum. I started a thread asking people to think before posting, and that seems to have helped a bit.

But this one was really stupid. The sixth most popular character. Please.

Zuma, my suggestion is that if you intend to open a Pit thread every time I close a topic for being too stupid, you will want to invest in a high-speed connection. Because I’m going to do it again. And again. And again.

Not to beat a dead horse, but the question as I read it did not deal with popularity; it asked which character was SHOWN the most. But whatever.

This guy needs a break from what hes doing. I am scared he’s gonna go postal!

Even so, it’s still a stupid topic. I’m taking up arms and standing behind manhatten, er, manhettan, oh hell–manny on this one.

(is all that brown off of my nose yet? No? Damn.)

Hell when I saw that simpson’s thread in GQ I thought it was gonna get nuked sooner than what it did. I mean damn talk about completely stupid. I agree with manhattan on this one. AND stop your bitchin’ about your thread getting killed man.

Frankly, I wouldn’t blame him if he did. manhattan has to put up with a lot of crap in GQ.

Then, he gets to look forward to threads like this in the Pit… :rolleyes:

I can.

Right now, he’s thinking about girls.

There is one small problem with his switching it to IMHO.
By law, I am only allowed to have 87% to 90% silly question content, and right now I am at 89%. I’ve gotten three warning letters so far from the WWWMBCC(World Wide Web Moderator Board Content Commission), and its only the end of January.