Manly Men of Modern Culture

I don’t mean the usual guys you think about when it comes to manly men; not the John Waynes, the Clint Eastwoods and such. I’m talking about the guys who really do things in a special way.

For instance … my first nominee : Fred Gailey. The lawyer from the movie “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Forget about the fact that he gets the New York Judicial system to believe in Santa Claus. Small potatoes.

But consider … he doesn’t meet her until Thanksgiving Day but by the time Christmas comes along, not even four weeks along, not only has he gotten Maureen O’Hara to agree to marry him, but they’ve already found a house together.

Not that, I submit, is some damn snappy work!

Four weeks? Hell, Joe Allen in **[url=]The Clock
** does the same thing in two days.

Pvt. Ratzkywatzky or something does it in the course of an evening in The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek. But Trudy Kockenlocker was drunk at the time, so maybe it doesn’t count (or maybe it makes him more manly – you decide).