"Manos" cameraman dies

Bob Guidry worked for the El Paso Times, Mithoff Advertising and owned International Ad Agency, but his most infamous roll might have been as the cameraman for “Manos, Hands of Fate.”

He was 68.

Actually, I think there were probably several camera rolls involved. :wink:

MHoF is his only listing on the IMDB. A career cut short, he had nowhere to go but up!

The poor guy had to work with a wind-up 16mm camera, hence the brevity of the shots.

Is this considered Karma? :wink:

That he died of natural causes at age 68, thirty-seven years after he made Manos?

It’s one of those s-l-o-o-w curses – the worst kind.

$19,000 to rent a wind-up B&H camera? Insane! Any filmmakers want to rent my Eclair NPR with two 400’ mags, Zeiss lens, and a crystal motor? I’ll only charge half of that! :smiley: :wink:

“Manos” had a cameraman?

Well, the curse was about as well made as the movie…

“Every shot in this movie looks like it’s somebody’s last known photograph.”

Now now, that $19,000 budget wasn’t just for the camera, it was for everything – the actors, the locations, the transportation, the enormous number (snicker) of prints made for distribution to the theaters, the advertising, the producer’s gin and tonic, etc…

I read this as $19K to rent the camera, buy the film stock, and process the film. I see that on the next page they said the budget was $19K.

The joke was, “What kind of movie did you expect from a fertilizer salesman?”

This movie should serve as the perfect example of, just because you CAN make a movie, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

I don’t know about that, Mr. Blue Sky, what with all the fun we’ve had with it since. I just don’t ever want to watch it without commentary. shudder

Were it not for MST3K, this movie would have disentegrated by now. I’m it’s made more money through the show than it ever did when it was in theaters.