All MST3K and Manos fans:

This weeks Entertainment Weekly (June 10th issue) has a 3+ page article on what they call the worst movie ever made, Manos, The Hands of Fate . Almost everything you need to know about that classic. Enjoy :cool:

Hey, thanks for the tip!

The Master will not be pleased… :dubious:

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I hope they give MST3K the credit/blame for the renewed interest in that odiferous pile of steatorrhea.

Can they really say that you need to know anything about Manos? :wink:

I **need ** to know there won’t be a remake.

Well, if they’ll do a remake of parts: the clonus horror, nothing is safe.

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What is touching is the photograph of the audience at the movie’s premiere in El Paso, Texas. The women are wearing evening gowns and look like they just had their hair done at the beauty parlor. The men are in tuxedos. The mayor of El Paso is there. Their faces are all so excited and hopeful.

Note to self: Don’t ever look up the words in a doctor’s invective again.


Damn your eyes! I was waiting for The Island to open (or at least for a thread to start up on it) so that I could trot out the Parts: The Clonus Horror comparison!

Basically it was only shown for a limited run in one theater during it’s original run. Somhow it showed up in a box of movies at Bad Brains. They almost didn’t use it because it was too bad and bizarre. So yes, they get all the blame.

Don’t feel bad. IMDb notes that it’s a remake, so a lot of other people were going to say it too.

But I wanted to be first!

I think I mentioned it first on the SDMB, when I noted it in my MST3K thread…

Back in 1988, my friend and I were members of the St. Marks Monster Movie Club in NYC. Every Tuesday night we would gather at the old Club 57 for our weekly film and discussion. On this particular night, Tom, our president, announced that he had found possibly the worst movie ever made. Now, this wasn’t the first time he’d said that, so we adopted a “wait and see” attitude. That film was, of course, Manos . What unspooled before our eyes stunned even the most jaded of us. Needless to say, years later, when the MST promo for Manos aired, I was THRILLED! Finally, someone would say the things we were too shocked to say during that first viewing! And, may I say, I was not disappointed.“Aw, Joel, this is gonna be a snuff film, isn’t it?” :smiley:

It’s a nice sign that people are finally getting over the old canard that Plan 9 From Outer Space is “the worst movie of all time.” Any MSTie knows that Plan 9 is positively radiant next to the likes of Manos or The Wild World of Batwoman.

Hey! Let’s not put Batwoman in the same league as Manos. I mean, granted it was abominable, but it did feature bikini dance scenes.

The Entertainment Weekly article says that Manos also played drive-ins in Western Texas.