Where can I find Manos: The Hands of Fate?

I’ve never actually had the opportunity to watch this gem (I’m talking about the MSTied version). From what I’ve heard, sitting through the original seems to be the equivalent of setting one’s own hair aflame. Anywho, is this episode of MST3K on DVD or VHS anywhere?

Thanks in advance.

Here ya go:



Though perhaps ‘enjoy’ doesn’t accurately capture the experience of watching this film . . .

Oh, Hoops beat me. I was going to say Amazon, too. Both DVD and VHS available there.

That movie hurt so very, very much. I can’t imagine having seen it unMSTified. I think my brain would have exploded.

And, while I’m here, a quote:

Crow (as the Master): “Oh my God. My pants are on fire.”

“I am bemused by that plucky painting.”

In case anyone’s interested, here is a fascinating article about the making of Manos.

Bad link, Max.

Actually, the link worked for me… Which was a surprise, since they usually don’t.

You don’t find Manos…Manos finds YOU!! Mwahahaha!!

It was on late night TV not too long ago, here in the OKC.

I had to set my own hair on fire.
MST3K, I miss you. (The real one, with Joel.)

Honestly, this movie is so bad even the MST3Ked version is extermely painful.

The DVD has an additional outtake reel as well which is great!

How can you tell?

The little girl gets turned into a goat

The goat forgets its lines and is constamtly off cue otherwise