Man's finger bitten off during health protest


The irony, it burns.

Wow, even the protests have gone digital.

Bet he’s glad he had Medicare!

And not that cheesy government healthcare.

This kind of thing is what ticks me off about my grandmother right now. Not finger biting, but her determination to believe that government run health care would leave her to die because she is old but medicare is currently paying for her leukemia treatments. :smack: If she wasn’t my cancer-fied, elderly grandma I’d want to throttle her for being so dense.

It’s amazing to me how emotional people can get about things like this, sometimes to the point of violence.

There’s a guy at work who’s pretty cool, but I can remember a time when he got pretty worked up. It was a few months before the start of Iraq II: Electric Boogaloo. He was absolutely convinced that Saddam has a WMD pointed directly at his head, and if we didn’t do something to stop him RIGHT NOW, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE IN THE NEXT TEN SECONDS!!!11111

I ended up agreeing with him because I feared he was about to hit me.

Serves one of them right.
Makes me glad they didn’t bring firearms this time.

Heh heh.

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It sems like there was something funny in his comment, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

“We can try to re-attach that digit, but the case will have to be reviewed by a Finger Panel first.”

Well, with any luck, Obama will do it for ya!

Sometimes, if you give somebody the finger, he’ll take it.

So… did you converse with him after it became apparent there weren’t any WMDs? Did he acknowledge his error?

These town hall meetings are getting out of hand.

Obama’s already throttled Steven Hawking.


Finger sandwiches, anyone?

He looks like he is stealing Hawkings’ lunch money.

I bet if you think a bit harder, you could nail it.