"Man's Man": why has that phrase fallen out of favor?

Why has the phrase “a man’s man” fallen into disuse? What did it mean when it was popular to use it? What would someone call a “man’s man” today?

Come on… I think you can figure it out!

Hint, it’s the same reason people don’t use the word "gay"i in reference to happy anymore.

My lesbian friends use “he’s a man’s man” all the time. :slight_smile:

A man’s man, and friend to the poor.

Basically, as with most other labels, it’s what’s associated with it. The term has connotations of men who repress their feelings and subscribe to traditional value systems. Repression has since been shown to be harmful to a person’s mental well-being and traditional value systems have proven faulty.

When the term is applied to someone, he is expected to live up to it. This can create a lot of stress for him, and it cruelly imposes a specific image on someone who does not want it.

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Because nowadays it sounds less like “the kind of man that men would like to be” to sounding more like “the kind of man who likes to do men”. In case the above posts were too subtle :smiley:

I never use it because I want to maintain my heterosexuality hehe


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Just think “John Wayne”

Don’t think “George Clooney”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once upon a time, “man’s man” or was it “gentleman’s gentleman” also meant a valet, a manservant. That was before my time, and I’m studying to be a codger.

I’ve always heard it used to identify a man that other men aspire to. I’ve never heard it as a gay reference, although I can see where someone would think that. Also, I wasn’t aware that people didn’t use it anymore (although I can’t think of the last time I did). Isn’t that funny how things change?

A man’s man today? Hmmmm… Someone debonairre (I’m sure I spelled that wrong), handsome, devastatingly handsome… George Clooney. Or a James Bond type.

Really. That’s quite a finding. You wouldn’t have a cite for that would you? I must have missed it.


No, that would be a “ladie’s man”.

A “man’s man” is someone like Adam Corrola and Jimmy Kimmel. Ted Nugent would also be a “man’s man”. So would most of your celebrity athletes.

It’s a man who enjoys traditional manly values - drinking, womanizing with hot vacuous bimbos, watching sports, building shit. You know - man stuff.

A “ladies man” by contrast is handsome, suave, sophiticated, attractive to the ladies. You know - gay.

No, no, no, no. A man’s man is a macho alpha male.
A ladies’ man is a man that has a way with the ladies.

Very often they can be one and the same. E.g. Ted Danson’s character in Cheers. Very much a man’s man, but also a ladies’ man.