Map with both Lincoln Hwy & Rte 66

Can you help me find a map that shows both the Lincoln Highway and Route 66, so I can easily make a visual comparison? The only one I’ve found so far has weird blocks instead of the simple clear lines I’d like.

Why not just take a 48 state map and highlight it?

You want one map with both routes highlighted on it?

Gary T,

The UT Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection has a bunch of maps online. I haven’t been able to find a single road atlas that lists both the Lincoln Highway and Route 66, but I wouldn’t doubt that they’d have it. Probably in their road atlas collection, circa 1927 or so.

Here’s a link to their historical US road map section. Perhaps their reference librarian might be able to help you further?

This map, might have it, if you could zoom in sufficiently.

If you mean a paper map, I just want to find one online to look at – I don’t need one to have in hand. (If it’s possible to highlight an online map, I don’t know how to do that, and if it were possible it sounds rather tedious.)

Yes, exactly.

I can zoom plenty, but it doesn’t have the desired routes marked/highlighted as I was hoping to find.

Thanks for the responses so far.

What I’m hoping to find is a map with both routes, like this, but with clearer marking, like this or this.

I did mean a paper map, but yes, finding an online map would be nicer. I hope you find it. I would like to see that too, would be cool.

The western terminus of the Lincoln is marked in San Francisco. I want to see that marker.

That wish, at least is easy to grant.Here you go.

There’s a Lincoln Highway Association as well as one for Route 66. If anyojne can help, I’m pretty sure it will be them.

You’re probably not going to find them both on a historic map because the two roads weren’t really contemporaries. Route 66 essentially came into being as part of the US numbered highway systems, whereas the Lincoln Highway had its heyday a generation earlier and was more of an unofficial route that wound its way over whatever passed for roads at that point instead of a single coherent highway.

Which might be part of why it’s hard to find them both on a modern map too. I’ve driven (or ridden) most of historic 66, and its route is pretty well established and easy to navigate. I’ve tried to follow the historic Lincoln Highway in places, but it’s a complex mish mash of everything from Interstates to tiny farm roads. A useful map of the historic Lincoln Highway route has to be way more detailed than one of the historic Route 66 one.

Actually, google maps has a reasonably decent tool to do just that. They allow you to mark up their maps by adding “layers” to it. One of the available tools is “draw a line”. If you click that button you can "add a driving route which highlights the roads on the map as you follow the route with your mouse, clicking periodically to nail down portions of the route. You don’t have to trace all that carefully.

For instance, here I just highlighted a rather meandering way to drive from Reno to Washington Utah:

This is what I’ve heard about the Lincoln Highway, it can be in 3-4+ places in the same general area. There was a PBS show that I watched a few months ago, though I think the show itself was about 10 years old, where people were trying to follow as much of the Lincoln Highway as possible. There was one place where a dirt road was right next to another dirt road and both of them were parts of the highway.

This might the show I saw.

As a matter of fact, since it uses well-defined major highways, route 66 isn’t terribly difficult to hand trace reasonably well on a map just using the windows snipping tool. Start with the official Lincoln highway map, which is harder to find the routes for. Here:

Yeah, I’m aware that route 66 has had some rerouting too, but that’s about what’s marked on contemporary maps using current highways to follow the route.

Very cool. I will want to play with that.

I did contact them, and they were kind enough to reply: “The two highways are from different eras, and I do not know of a map that shows both…You may need to make your own map to show this.” Sounds familiar, eh? :slight_smile:

Sounds like that’s what I’ll need to do. Thanks.

Or look at post #13.

I am posting this from there right now! I’ve driven past the marker many times and never knew it was there, never even saw it. Here is Wikipedia’s picture of the marker, it is right at the Muni bus stop at the Palace of Legion of Honor: File:Lincoln Highway - Western Terminus.JPG

Thanks, kunilou

I didn’t understand that you’d already done that! Thank you. :slight_smile:

If you publish it anywhere, credit the Lincoln Highway Association whose google map I took a screen shot of to mark up. It seems OK to do that, but credit them. The menu area on that map says:

Bolding mine.

Another Thank You to yabob. Nicely done.

Note to self: is the same link for yabob’s jpeg for Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway.