Mapquest Challenge

Out of boredom, I used Mapquest to find the driving directions from my home in California to my friend’s home in New England. I was amused that it would only take 17 steps to make the trip, although one of them involved 2,000 miles on the interstate. I wondered how complex the directions could get.

So the challenge I propose is what is the most complex driving directions (defined as most number of steps) you can get from Mapquest for a pair of addresses. Bonus points for the most complex directions for the shortest distance.

Apologies if this has been done before.

Total Distance: 3156.08 miles
Total Estimated Time: 48 hours, 13 minutes

Okay, so not getting any bonus points…

1 step has been omitted to protect my location :wink:

1: **********************************
2: Turn RIGHT onto KATIE JEAN ST. 0.08 miles
3: Turn RIGHT onto E MITCHELL HAMMOCK RD. 2.72 miles
4: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto RED BUG LAKE RD. 0.40 miles
5: Take the SR-417-TOLL S ramp toward ORLANDO. 0.34 miles
6: Merge onto CENTRAL FLORIDA GREENEWAY/ FL-417 S (Portions toll). 7.46 miles
7: Take the SR-408-TOLL W exit- exit number 33B- on the left toward ORLANDO. 1.60 miles
8: Merge onto E WEST EXWY/ FL-408 W (Portions toll). 16.15 miles
9: Take FLORIDA’S TURNPIKE N (Portions toll). 42.57 miles 10: Stay straight to go onto I-75 N. 300.44 miles
11: Merge onto I-475 N/ GA-408 N via exit number 156- on the left- toward ATLANTA. 15.42 miles
12: Merge onto I-75 N. 178.89 miles
13: Merge onto I-24 W via exit number 2- on the left- toward CHATTANOOGA/ NASHVILLE. 318.15 miles
14: Merge onto I-57 N via exit number 44B- on the left- toward CHICAGO. 52.14 miles
15: Take I-64 W toward ST LOUIS. 74.11 miles
16: Merge onto I-70 W toward KANSAS CITY. 242.05 miles
17: Merge onto I-435 N via exit number 8B toward DES MOINES. 31.14 miles
18: Merge onto I-29 N via the exit- on the left- toward ST JOSEPH. 343.56 miles
19: Merge onto I-90 W via exit number 84B. 1349.50 miles
20: Take the WA-17 exit- exit number 179- toward OTHELLO/ MOSES LAKE/ EPHRATA. 0.33 miles
21: Stay straight to go onto ramp. 0.12 miles
22: Merge onto I-90 W. 176.03 miles
23: Take the RAINIER AVE. SOUTH exit- exit number 3A. 0.19 miles
24: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto RAINIER AVE S/ WA-167. 1.18 miles

Furthest place I could think of. Oddly, the longest step is only 1300 miles…

Just as a starting point, I typed in Los Angeles to New York, leaving all but City and State blank. I got 34 steps and 2779.17 miles:

1: Start out going Southeast on E 1ST ST toward S LOS ANGELES ST. 0.04 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto N LOS ANGELES ST. 0.29 miles
3: Take the US-101 S ramp. 0.22 miles
4: Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. 0.11 miles
5: Merge onto US-101 S. 0.45 miles
6: Take I-10 E toward SAN BERNARDINO. 40.09 miles
7: Merge onto I-15 N toward BARSTOW/ LAS VEGAS. 14.01 miles
8: Take the exit on the left. 0.98 miles
9: Merge onto I-15 N. 57.89 miles
10: Merge onto I-40 E. 1216.08 miles
11: Merge onto I-35 N. 9.99 miles
12: Merge onto I-44 E via exit number 138A toward TULSA (Portions toll). 484.38 miles
13: Take the I-55 N exit- exit number 290A- on the left toward I-70 EAST/ ILLINOIS. 0.03 miles
14: Merge onto I-55 N via exit number 290B toward I-70 EAST/ ILLINOIS. 20.71 miles
15: Merge onto I-70 E toward INDIANAPOLIS. 213.93 miles
16: Merge onto I-465 S via exit number 73A. 18.42 miles
17: Merge onto I-70 E via exit number 44B toward COLUMBUS OH… 363.70 miles
18: Merge onto I-76 E/ PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE E via exit number 58 toward BREEZEWOOD/ NEW JERSEY (Portions toll). 152.88 miles
19: Take the I-81/ US-11 exit- exit number 226- toward CARLISLE/ HARRISBURG. 0.11 miles
20: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.62 miles
21: Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. 0.32 miles
22: Merge onto US-11/ HARRISBURG PIKE. 1.07 miles
23: Merge onto I-81 N toward HARRISBURG. 37.07 miles
24: Merge onto I-78 E via exit number 89 toward ALLENTOWN. 135.44 miles
25: Take the US-1 N/ US-9 N exit- exit number 58B. 0.30 miles
26: Merge onto US-1 & 9 N. 6.87 miles
27: US-1 & 9 N becomes 12TH ST (Portions toll). 0.45 miles
28: 12TH ST becomes BOYLE PLZ. 0.05 miles
29: BOYLE PLZ becomes HOLLAND TUNNEL. 2.00 miles
30: Take the ramp toward DOWNTOWN/ BROOKLYN. 0.04 miles
31: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto BEACH ST. 0.07 miles
32: BEACH ST becomes WALKER ST. 0.19 miles
33: Turn RIGHT onto BROADWAY. 0.36 miles
34: Turn RIGHT onto CHAMBERS ST. 0.01 miles

My WAG is that there is a better answer out there.

From Key West, FL to Anchorage, AK
Total Estimated Time: Total Distance: 5231.98 miles
111 hours, 51 minutes

37 Steps! (omitted to keep this from becoming the longest thread with the fewest actual posts ever!!) … oooooh I just thought of a new game.


Caribou, ME to Imperial Beach, CA

12 miles, 12 turns.

Lost City, KY to Costelow, KY

There used to be a place that did this for most places in the world… can’t remember the site but is also had train/ferry/plane schedules.

I looked up driving from Scotland to Singapore and it came back with a feasable route - highways in Kazakhstan, China and all. Amzing stuff.

Now, having been to Kazakhstan, I can just picture myself in a beat up old Lada (are there any other kind?) plodding along some forgotton highway hoding a printout from some website.

Mapquest Europe:

New Quay, Great Britain to Skagen, Denmark - only 1150 miles, but a whopping 66 steps.

Venice, Italy to Glasgow, Scotland. 2186 km, 51 steps.


Rome, Italy to Sheffield, UK. 2137 km, 71 steps.
I didn’t use specific street addresses for either of these, just put in the city names.

I helped a friend last summer move from Wichita, Kansas to Boise, Idaho, where I live. The suggested route Mapquest gave is pretty close to the route we actually took. I think MQ assumes you want to stay on Interstate highways as much as possible, which we did. The biggest difference is that we didn’t go through Utah as MQ instructed. Instead we stayed in Wyoming and strayed from the Interstate to cut across to Idaho and then re-join the Interstate (I-15) and then head westward from Pocatello to Boise on I-84.

The suggested route gives 16 steps. The route we took, however, only involved 14 steps.