Mar...uh, April Comic Madness!

Note: I’ve already run this by the mods, and as long as this sticks to just two threads, it’s fine by them.

Yes, it’s another of the dreaded voting threads! Everyone cheer or run in terror as is your way. I’ve been inspired by IGN’s March Madness poll - a voting fight between superheroes, supervillains, gods, etc etc. I disagreed with a lot of the results; seemed to me that (shockingly, I know :wink: ) the various comic fans had turned it into a popularity contest, rather than a serious judge of superiority. I thought, hell, surely we could do better than that? The SDMB wouldn’t lower itself to such levels as voting the Joker to almost beating Ares, for example. Insanity.

So, here’s our version - the April (cough) Comic Madness thread! (Part One). Now, before we have a tournament, we need characters, so this first thread is the suggestion thread. Name names, put forward any character you want (that passes the rules), and on Sunday morning, 00:00 GMT, I’ll ask for the thread to be closed and collect all the names, for random placing. That’ll then be the second thread - the tourney itself.

Anyway, this OP is looking much longer than I was planning already, so, here’s the rules.

Rule #1:- This thread is for suggesting characters, questioning eligibility of characters, and questioning the rules, only. Discussion of who is superior to who waits until the tourney thread.

Rule #2:- For the purposes of this tourney, an eligible character must;
- Be a comic character. Characters that are also present in other media are allowed, as long as they have been in a comic.
- Be currently active, or have been active at some point between 1st March and now.
- Have been in at least three seperate comic issues ever.

Rule #3:- In those cases where there are more than one with that superhero/villain’s title (e.g. Green Lantern), all characters using that title are eligible seperately (provided they fulfil the other rules).

Rule #4:- In those cases where there are more than one of that superhero/villain (e.g. Superman and Earth-2 Superman), all characters are eligible should they be a clearly distinct character and/or have clearly distinct abilities. Please make sure you point out which version of that character you’re suggesting if there’s more than one.

Rule #5:- In those cases where one superhero/villain has two distinct power levels/vast changes (e.g. Kyle Raynor as Green Lantern and Kyle Raynor as Ion), only one version may compete, and it will be the at the level they are usually at.

Rule #6:- In those cases where one superhero.villain has had two distinct power levels/vast changes* outside the time limits*, those changes are not counted. (e.g. Jean Grey may be entered, but not as Dark Phoenix).

Rule #7:- No cosmic level characters. If they can simply snap their fingers and change the nature of reality to win, they’re out. If they are incapable of defeat bar a change of mind (not telepathic induced), they’re out.

Rule #8:- Characters are limited to the equipment that they would normally use in a fight.

Rule #9:- Yes, relatively weak characters are allowed. You don’t need to just put Superman, Batman, all the higher powered characters; weaker ones are acceptable too, and often in particular match-ups could do quite well. You never know.

Rule #10:- If they’re a relatively unknown character, do all of us a favour and post a link to a bio of them online. If it’s Batman against Bob the Dancing Cheese, I want to know what abilities Bob has, just in case. Like I said, it’s not a popularity contest (hopefully), and when all the names are in i’ll want to be able to link to a bio for all the characters to help people decide who would prevail in their fight. While i’ll probably be able to find most of them on Wikipedia or elsewhere, it helps me out a lot if you [del]do my job for me[/del] [del]aren’t a lazy git like me[/del] kind enough to do so. :slight_smile:

Rule #11:- One poster can submit as many eligible characters as they want.

So…get suggesting!

I did this already. I think Dr. Manhattan was coming out top in the polls…

Ah, but Doc M. hasn’t been active recently…

Regardless, it seems this thread isn’t that popular. Oh well.

Booster Gold
Captain Marvel (Billy Batson version)
Brin Londo / Timber Wolf
Junior Hero 14 (from Nodwick and City of Heroes) :smiley:

Well, the classic “Big Seven” justive league and Avengers equivalent, of course
Karate Kid
Ultra Boy
Ultra the Multi-Alien (he’s in Infinite Crisis, really!)
Kitty Pryde
Jonah Hex
Robin (Tim Drake)
Doctor Doom
Squirell Girl
Lady Shiva

Any more suggestions before I consign this to the ancient thread burials grounds?