Marajuana and Brain Cancer

My father died in April of 2000. He had been diagnosed with one lung cancer and two brain cancers. Upon and even before his death when doctors took samplings of his brain cancers, it was said that there was unusual concentrations of THC found. Nothing was said of whether or not it was the cause, unlike the lung cancer which they said was caused by tobacco, but concievably it was at least a contributing factor.

Now touchy as this subject is, I don’t want to put my father’s whole medical history on the web. Suffice it to say that he smoked marajuana in small doses each night, and cigarettes heavily. He was also treated in a veterans clinic in Central Florida for his cancer.

I’ll give more information out to Cecil or one of his investigators if you post and ask it, but I don’t want to post it where everyone can see it and find out themselves.

The article I’m refering to is found at: Still smokin’: What are the long-term effects of marijuana?