Marbury to Boston?

I’m no great follower of Basketball. But I remember the early days when Garnett and Marbury both played for the Timberwolves. Marbury left because he wanted to be the top dog and wasn’t going to be as long as Garnett was around.

Now he’s on the downslope of his “career”, benched for most of a season, and going to a team where Garnett is one of the top guys and he (Marbury) most certainly won’t be.

Opinions? Speculation? Schadenfreude?

As a Cavs fan, I can’t see the downside to this.

He is your TO in Dallas. He is poison and will tear the team down. We Piston fans are all for it.

I think it would be a terrible mistake for Boston. Obviously, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. The Celtics are actually playing as a team, not as a collection of players. If I had to pick a place for Marbury, I’d think Dallas would be the best fit.

Sometime this year, Marbury is going to end up on Sportscenter, explaining why he hired 10 midgets to have an orgy in his backyard. Otherwise, he won’t be mentioned at all, because he’s a total nonfactor.

No way. Yes, Marbury says Boston is his top pick, but what ring-hungry player wouldn’t say that? There is nothing being said about *Marbury *being Boston’s top pick, and for good reason.

The Celts’ biggest hole, if they even have one, is backup point guard, that’s true. What they don’t need is a petulant former star who has never played a backup role, and has not given any reason to suggest he can, all the while making their budding young star Rajon Rondo look over his shoulder and have his confidence undermined. The right choice to improve on Eddie House, if they even do it, would be a Sam Cassell type a few years younger than the current, and now useless, Sam Cassell they already have.

A big, banging, rebounding center to back up Kendrick Perkins would also help. They were thinking about Mutombo, but he may be too far gone by now to help anyway.

“Starbury” belongs somewhere like Oklahoma City, where he can pretend he’s a star and it really won’t matter to the team.