March for Life: the New England Patriots offered their Plane to fly the Florida Kids to the March

Story here: Patriots loan plane to Parkland students for D.C. trip - ProFootballTalk

Man, these kids are doing Good. If you can get an NFL team doing stuff like this, it is a huge cultural pointer. The winds have shifted.

Kraft did this, it was a class act with excellent visuals. The magnificent bastard.

Now I know which football team not to cheer for the next time they’re in the Superbowl, the one that wants my constitutional rights to be trashed.

The OP made me mildly shift my dislike for the Patriots, but it took your post to move me firmly into their camp :).

Yep. Used to not care about football in the slightest. Now I just might have to buy a Patriots jersey or two.

Hey, nobody who isn’t from New England cheers for the Patriots anyway, so who cares? :wink:

I dunno how many people the Patriot’s plane can handle, but Delta helped out with 3 charter jets.

The Patriots ran the numbers, and decided that people like you don’t matter to them.

Think about that the next time someone around you claims that people like you are the majority.

Just don’t count on using the seats as floatation devices in case of a crash. :wink:


You know, I thought if there were going to be shots taken, I woulda assumed they’d be pointed at concussions and / or kneeling, i.e., “They can support gun control at a distance, but fight the danger of bashing their players’ heads in up close, and don’t respect their players’ legitimate right to protest.”

This is a good thing they did. Sorry you feel otherwise.

You know what really trashes someone’s Constitutional rights?

Being dead, that’s what.

Nullifies every last one of them.

And all worthy shots to be taken, in other contexts. But in a world where nobody is pure, I’m more than willing to accept an ally on one issue even if they’re on the other side on ten other issues.

And my guns had absolutely nothing to do with that and have everything to do with every last one of my rights being trashed if I’m dead because I’m defenseless against a home invader.

I don’t know: what kinds of guns do you have?

If you can have those guns, so can practically anybody else. So *your *need to have those guns creates the essentially universal access to them. Your guns are in fact part of the problem.

So you’re saying all guns are the same, and there is no way to distinguish between them, to ban AR-15s leaves you defenseless.

Since they’re all the same to you, you should be satisfied with a 1791-vintage musket to defend your home with. I’m good with that. I wouldn’t want to leave you defenseless. :slight_smile:

I am sure the Patriots are quaking in their boots because of your stand on the matter.

And the fact that they aren’t is what has you quaking in yours, I guess. Kind of nice to have the boots on the other feet for a change.

I always insure they are properly inflated.

You must live in a very dangerous place where a lot of people have guns.

Been a follower of the Browns since 1985. But it took the realization that I might have to like something about the Patriots to REALLY depress me.


A bit ironic, as their namesakes probably only succeeded against the British because ordinary citizens possessed firearms are were well-versed in their use.

Nonetheless, a classy thing for the Pats to do. Makes it a little harder to hate them…a little.

This is the part of the gun-nut argument that never made a jot of sense to me. After kicking out the British, the namesakes then decided that the best way to proceed was to devise a method other than armed revolution for changing the government every so often.