Marching forth to March 4th - are the QAnon/Trump supporters actually doing anything?

Following the events of January 6 and then the thankfully peaceful inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, there was a certain amount of rumbling amongst the fans of The Donald and Q about how the real inauguration (in which Trump whould sweep back into office) would be March 4, the original inauguration date.

Since then, things seem to have quieted down as the insurrectionists continue to be arrested and the focus has moved to the Idol Worship Service that is CPAC. While I’m sure that behind the scenes the various law enforcement and security organizations are keeping a weather eye on things, have there been any more public indications that anything is likely to kick off on Thursday, either in DC or elsewhere?

Relevant non-paywalled article:

Will Grant be there?

Hey kids! Only two more days until Trump is inaugurated as the 19th president of the republic, according to QAnon. Not sure how, but trust the plan. When we go one, we go all! March 4 is coming soon!

Has there been any buzz about how this will supposedly happen? Or is this one of those “Things that will magically happen as long as the flag involved has a gold fringe”?

Notably, Trump’s DC hotel has hiked prices for March 3 and March 4. It is the only luxury hotel in the area to increase its rates for those nights.

Grifters gotta grift.

The article says “last hope”. If only.

I mentioned it before that I was quite amused that the traitors storming the Capitol were carrying flags with gold fringes.

I read the link and it nowhere explains why, if all presidents after Grant are illegitimate, Trump would become the legitimate 19th president. Even in its own terms it makes no sense. All presidents up to and including Roosevelt (his first inauguration) were on March 4, so that can’t be the distinction.

Because they base their nonsense on the ratification of the 14th Amendment, which was in 1868 - during Grant’s term.

Swami sez on March 5th Q-fucks will start saying Orangeboy will be sworn in as the first president of North America on July 36th.

Does this mean we don’t have to pay income tax?

Yes. Instead we pay Trump tax. $50 each paycheck goes to Trump future campaigns and lawyer fees. And your home is now owned by him. (This is not that far fetched. Should post it on that Q page. )

Who is going to swear him in?

JFK Jr., one assumes, after he comes out of hiding and reveals that he’s Q.

As Munch says, one variant of sovereign citizen nuttery is that the the 14th Amendment created a new type of citizenship, and now there are two types of citizens - real, true citizens, and “14th Amendment citizens”. Since “14th Amendment” citizens have been able to vote since then, that means the elections have all been invalid.

The fact that “14th Amendment” citizens" were, you know, all dark-skinned, and the “true” citizens all pasty-white, is just a side aspect of that argument, of course. Purely coincidental. :face_with_monocle:

Preparations are furiously underway by the Goalpost Shifting Team!

Capitol police are ready for an expected Capitol breach attempt tomorrow. hopefully nothing happens

I just read (in the Votemaster)
that the Trump Washington Hotel is charging double or triple their usual rates for tonight and tomorrow night, expecting flock to ft Trumpists will flock to the city to witness the swearing in and Trump, Inc. might as well cash in.

On the other hand, Q has a new meme that the real date is March 20. I have no idea where that date comes from. At first, I thought it might have something to do with the Julian calendar, but March 4 on the Gregorian calendar is actually Feb. 20 Julian.

Just keep marching it along down the line. Pretty soon December 13th will be the new January 20th. Then it will be March 4th 2022. Prophets of Doom/Ascension have always been able to recalibrate their numbers.