Marcia Wallace

I’ve noticed that Marcia Wallace is credited as a guest voice on the majority of the Simpsons episodes I’ve seen–why is she not considered one of the main voice talents? Is it, perhaps, because she only voices Edna Krabappel, and is therefore not part of the ‘main cast?’ After seeing her as a ‘guest voice’ so many times, I think she’d deserve main cast credit.

In part, it’s because she only plays one character, but it could be that, because of her role on the “Bob Newhart Show”, the production staff felt that she would qualify as a guest star.

(Remember, Phil Hartman voiced a large number of episodes, and he was also always a guest star.)

I’d forgotten that Mr. Hartman was always considered a guest star. Thank you for that.

I think it’s rather too bad that neither were considered main cast–they’ve done so much to make the Simpsons what they are.

I’ve wondered about this too. My WAG is what you already mentioned, she only does one voice.

But, the person who does Lisa Simpson’s voice (Yeardly Smith) also does only one voice (with rare exceptions). But I suspect because Lisa is such a main character, she still gets main billing.

My guess: it’s a contractual thing. Billing (“above the title,” “below the title,” relative size of type, etc.) is a very big deal in Hollywood.

Oh, one more thing. I opened the link in the OP and was surprised to learn Homer’s middle is “Jay”; I always assumed the “J” was an initial.

(Now watch, there was probably an entire episode that I missed based on Homer’s middle name and I will be berated as a Simpsons ignoramus.)

Stuyguy, brace youself, but be prepared to fight back. There’s no reason to believe the people who work on the website are required to follow the bible for The Simpsons.

Hmmmm, wasn’t there an episode where Homer was trying to figure out what the “J” stood for, and it was rather anti-climatic when he found out it was “Jay”?

I don’t know if you’re trying to whoosh yourself, but…yeah, you missed that episode. IIRC, it is the episode in which Homer wants to become a hippie and finds a mural his mother painted for him. Behind a small buch, he finds his middle name “Jay.”

[homer]No longer will I be known as Homer J. Simpson. From now on, I am Homer…JAY!..Simpson![/homer]

Many apologies for the botch job on that quote.

Yes, when he hooked up with the hippies his mom hung out with after leaving granpa.

Did they ever explain how Bart got the middle name “Jojo”?

Homer’s middle name was discovered in D’oh-in’ in the Wind, starring George Carlin and Martin Mull.

In case anybody was wond’rin’.