Bart "JoJo" Simpson?

I was just watching the episode of Inside the Actors Studio that featured the cast of the Simpsons. Now it is on Tivo, so I was able to listen many times, but did Mr Lipton just say, as he was introducing Nancy, that Barts middle name is “JoJo”?


Then there’s also Joey JoJo Jr. Shabadoo.

I found that ItAS episode pretty unfortunate, even by normal standards.

I always thought that it stood for “Jenius”.

May I query why? Other than giving some of the voice actors a bit short shift because of the time constraints I thought it was a good show – but then, I’m not a regular viewer. I’ve seen more parodies of the show than the actual show.

I know what I found unfortunate was the severe overuse of clips (usually tolerable) for a number of cartoon voice actors, where the clips would play silenced or very quietly under the answers to interview questions, many amusingly in character. I would have loved to have seen Hank or Dan looking like themselves but speaking in all their characters’ voices. It just didn’t happen enough.

Also, there’s the simple fact that the show is usually dedicated to a single actor. By having six people of an ensemble cast all there at once, any depth for a single actor could not be found.

It’s not to say I wasn’t still amused. Especially during the Hank and Nancy (that is, Moe and Bart) prank call segment.

Not to mention Julie Kavner getting pissed off and leaving.

I noticed that but forgot why it happened.

She had to go pee, and the host kept pestering her to do Patty and Selma.