Margin Call, finally seen it

This movie seems like its a companion piece to the big short.

But to be honest it seemed like it was the star wars of the financial world. Except in this version of the tale, Leia gets thrown to the sarlacc pit, luke gets a promotion, wedge gets fired, darth vader can’t leave for two years and the emporer has no idea what his industry does on a certain level.

The death star is the mortgage tranches and the trench run is the selling of, before anyone gets the wiser.

But I liked it anyways


It is a fine film.

all the better for not trying to…or needing to…explain what the hell is going on.

The audience is given to understand (through the boardroom scene) that a big gamble has very quietely been made and very quietely failed spectacularly. It is clearly related to the big crunch of 2008 but it avoids any technical details…you don’t even really see any of the spreadsheets or doomladen reports at all.

The Big Short is cartoonish and fun, Margin Call gives a more nuanced view of the people involved (and from my experience…a more accurate one). Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, Paul Bettaney, Zachary Quinto, Jeremy Irons…all on top form, what more do you want?