Marijuana: The Knowledge of Good and Evil

I use NKJV or NASB translations; if may be helpful to know that.
Good Morning Class: If you will all turn to Genesis 2. We will bounce around a bit, I will try and preserve as much context as possible (as opposed to what is needed; see religious fascist)
The context from v.8-24; v.9 "the Lord made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

My comment: The Bible has now established two types of tree growing. One that is pleasant to the sight, one that is good for food. Now everyone here is aware that some trees and shrubs cannot be eaten, the ones that can are consumed. We have all seen trees and shrubs that we have fallen in love with. I personally like to watch the grass in my backyard grow. This verse SINGLES OUT two trees growing, as well.
v. 16 identifies the only fruit that can bring death. (Pre-fallen state) We do not live this life in a Pre-fallen state. We live it in a resurrected state through life in Jesus.

Ch. 3: v.1 The serpent hung around the tree but was confined to the fields, not just the tree. Now lets think about how large those fields were? Also keep in mind that a liar can be spotted by his ability to take apart and reconstruct sentences using the same words; (see religious fascist). v.3 is the reason why you always ask a woman for directions, how else would Eve know the exact location of the tree? She is deceived and v. 5 comes to pass. Now I personally have never eaten a fruit or vegetable that has filled me up indefinitely, and there is no difference at this tree either, in order to continue to know the knowledge of Good and Evil you would have to return for more fruit. This is one of the trees that was BOTH pleasant to the eyes and good for food, and a tree desirable to make one wise. Does anyone know if MJ produces a fruit? Has anyone grown it that long? (maybe like an olive tree’s life span?) v.7-10 is why newcomers are SO PARANOIDDDD! Remember, they had just eaten for the first time. Also keep in mind that When GOD gets his dander up he destroys; people, things, etc. He is not yelling or calling down fire from heaven, he is trying to get to the bottom of this transgression of his command. v. 14-19 God hands around what he sees as a fair judgment then turns and helps the man and woman make clothes. v.22 is commentary with the Triune Nature of himself where HE acknowledges that the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. It is the first State of Mind man knows about the Lord God, after the Fall. Then HE removes the tree of life by placing a flaming sword which turned every way; NO creature living or resurrected in this life will access this tree. Only the fully resurrected man with Christ will see and that at the Lord’s time. This is something to look forward to, as well, because this Fruit packs some punch. The Bible reports that Adam lived 930 years, having children well past 130 years. All of Adam’s descendants lived to see there 500th birthday (exception for Abel) with Methuselah dying and ripe old age of 969 years. Keep in mind that ADAM and EVE were the only two who have ever eaten from the tree of life, however, even after it is gone their physical beings reap the benefit for almost one thousand years.
Now, let’s wrap this tight so we can visit with our favorite religious fascist next time he comes door knockin’ Go to ACTS 10:9-16 If there are any complaints about the Bible’s stand on eating meat, God says to remember them and bring them to the White Throne Hearings, He will set your appointment time and contact you directly. But here is where All THINGS COMMON OR UNCLEAN HAVE BEEN CLEANSED. Keep in mind He has to address the eating of meat here, as well. Herbs and vegetables, while not directly addressing the issue by name, does re-inforce vegetables as being clean in Daniel 1:8-21. Eating and partaking of all things plant is the best way to keep from defiling yourself with that which the religious fascist worships. And look at v. 20; the king is so impressed with these men that he brings them before all the religious leaders in the kingdom and sets Daniel at the #3 seat in the Land. (he came up with the idea, maybe he had a few seeds with him for his travels from Jerusalem to Babylon?)

So there you have it, our struggles will land us in the White House! Incidently, the tree of knowledge is still around, that is why I think it is MJ. I do believe someone may try to disguise the tree of knowledge of good and evil for the tree of life. Regardless, I think what we have just read through shows that it is necessary to partake of the tree as often as possible because it is the best defense for cutting a straight path to the TRUTH. It is hard to fool when your eyes are open.
And remember we live in a resurrected state through Christ. (If not, See Words of Jesus; Luke 13:1-5)We are still mortal, thus we still have access to the garden. IF the Lord did not want us to have access to the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, He would have set the flaming sword to it, as well.
There endeth the lesson.
Have a wonderful day at church and a Very Good Week!

Pass the bong, dude. I’ll give your OP another read after a couple of hits.

'cause with just coffee in me, I have no idea what it’s about.


…and I thought Dr. Bronner passed away in 1997!

zacchaeus, I find your ideas very intriguing, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

So are you pro-legalization or against? I can’t figure it out while sober.

I think the bottom line is that God wants us to smoke marijuana.

oh, my

Just another thread making fun of religion and religious doctrine.

Bob Marley was the Messiah and I am sooo goin’ to heaven!


Where is the link to religious fascist you keep referring?

All this says is God made all trees that fit the catagory:
Pleasant to sight AND good for food
It does not say if He made other trees that don’t fit the requirements grow, nor does it say that some other entity made any trees grow.

2 other statments of fact, but we can’t draw lines to if either of these trees were made to grow by God nor can we assume that they fit in the catagory from the above statement.

No newsletter is available. The people who get to hear this most are folks in the homeless shelters in our valley. They enjoy reading as well.
If you had a hard time understanding it, you should dust off the Bible and follow through the commentary while reading the Chapter and Verse I am referring to.
The only thing I know for sure about God is that He is calling men to repentance. He is asking men if they believe what His Son has spoken. The religious fascist hates it when you make comments about what Jesus said concerning repentance. This is the straightest path to the truth I know of. Have you repented before the Lord?
Now the religious fascist says, “well I have repented and that false testimony I gave about the accident I witnessed, well, God won’t hold that against me.” Or my favorite comes from the Meter Reader as the local DEA task force kicks in your door, “I was doing right.” Or yet another one…you fill in your story of why you don’t trust the religious fascist.
In defining the religious fascist, they come in all shapes, sizes, and stages of sobriety. They are almost always high on some “little pill” from Dr. Feelgood, and most of the time keep a pony in the Stall when the man of the house is away. Come Sunday church, they dress up nice and pretty (appearance is everything, they say) and its off to impress those around them. They can and will be comfortable reciting their favorite “Jesus Scriptures” and the Wild Call is, “Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves Me!” (Much enthusiasm emphasized) If you join their meetings they attempt to persuade you that they are right and all is lost without their base of knowledge. The tell heart warming stories of How Bill W. or Jesus (His name is brought up only in passing) is their friend and how life is so good now that this event or that event was taken care of by God. As you get further acquianted the gossip will tickle your ears, you will hear all the reasons those around them are “not right with God” because a view is different or a perception has changed. Change in this group is very much a no, no. Those who violate that rule could find themselves in the hospital giving blood as a suspect for murder based on the congregated false witness that brings suspicion. It is sad but true that this still exists.
Fear not, young Jedi, they are easy to spot and you will know them by their fruits.
Am I pro or con? Well, let’s say that as an economically disadvantaged minimum wage college student, I would grow at the drop of a hat. I read that an ounce of the sticky bud goes for 400-500 per. That is as much as an ounce of gold. (Gold is how economists gauge inflation)
As for political pro/con, let’s say that I am a “high” official within The First Central Church of the Religious Fascist. It is not good for me to take too many sides. I may, however, become a card carrying member of NORML. Is anyone a member?

I don’t know if there is an outright yes/no to that. The Bible addresses being drunk with wine/dissipation. The Tree of Knowledge is not talked about again after the fall and subsequent punishment.
But I know that God would not leave us without a defense and that He would make a way of escape. Maybe that is why HE is allowing for the legalization of MJ. Do you think God is uncertain of the outcome of the War on Drugs. I think not!

Just curious, what, exactly, would your version of God be “uncertain of”?

He is un-certain of no-thing…

My father taught me that if I had cards in my hand, chips in the pot, and couldn’t tell who the sucker was, I’m the sucker…

It doesn’t, because no matter what translation you use, you’re still quoting a lie.

Sorry, Zaccy, old buddy - You’re a witnesser. Nothing more. You’ve apparently consumed wayyyyy too much of the subject of your post.

Wait, God is allowing for the legalization of Michael Jackson? :dubious:

Oh mannnnn this is weirder than I thought. :rolleyes:

well, I got drunk to see if I could tell from the OP. I could not.

I have supported the legalization of marijuana for over 35 years now, but I have not indulged in “the sacrament” in twenty years. Words from the land of fuzzout don’t translate well at a forum.

Well, I’m also pro legalization, but I’m anti incoherent babbling nonsense, unless it follows as a natural consequence of legalization, and then only in one’s home or designated areas.

No no, it was psychedelic mushrooms. Here’s my take: A young couple ran away from their tribal village together, found a nice meadow, shed their clothes, and proceeded to cavort. Running low on food, they noticed some mushrooms growing at the foot of a tree. Now, animals are instinctively wary of eating strange mushrooms (God’s instructions) but the couple decided to override that instinct (original sin). “Their eyes were opened and they knew good and evil” is not a bad summary of the psychedelic experience, and 'shrooms can also make you really paranoid.

Given all the bashing that takes place at the hands of religious folk these days, is there some kind of rule against that?