I have some friends who smoke marijuana and they were telling me about some of the kinds they smoke. I didn’t know there so many kinds out there. I was wondering if anyone knew of a site or a reference media that I could find out about all the different kinds and what different effects they have. Also if there is any information that you all know from personal experience I would love to know what yall have to say.



There are really only two kinds (pun intended) of marijuana smoked for recreation, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. There are many strains and hybrids of the two specie selected for physical and psychoactive properties. I haven’t read it in years, but High Timesmagazine used to do a “Cannabis Cup” competition of different strains.

I found a site that lists a lot it has pictures and everything and tells the potency of each strain enjoy:

When I was in high school, the centerfold of the latest issue of High Times would produce as many oohs and aahs as Playboy. Amongst the heads, at least

You are gonna laugh when i give you this site, but it is a marijuana search engine! Go to . They have everything you could EVER want to know about pot, or related subjects. Enjoy! :slight_smile:



I don’t understand the kind bit. What does that mean? I guess I am kinda slow or something.



Omega, KIND is a hippie, pot-head word with a loose meaning… it refers to getting high, or the potential of the particular marijuana one is ingesting to get one high…

Not that I’d know, of course… uh, yeah… that’s it…

(I still think we need a stoned smiley!)

Omega, There is bud, and then there is Kind bud…And when you find kind bud, you’ll remember it for years. Oh yeah, most definitely (Tomcat thinking back to his Honeymoon on the Western Slope of Colorado and that tiny, miniscule bud that rocked his world)(well, that bud and the sex that followed :stuck_out_tongue: )!

Quick guide:
Sativa: Tall plants (3 meters) best grown outdoors, higher pure THC content. Produces an “up” active high- smoke this when you want to go outside and throw a frisbee, take a hike, do something fun and social. A head high.

Indica: Smaller plants, sometimes grow like a bush, while it can still have a very high pure THC content, there are other cannabinoids that are present that produce a mellower high. Smoke this when you want to watch a cool movie, hang out and be stoney with friends, or maybe do something outdoors and get lost in the activity. A body high.

Hybrids: Can produce many different combinations of effects depending on the parent plants. Everything from one-hit, comatose inducing weed (not really a coma, but your butt is NOT getting out of that couch) to hallucinations to ??? Different weed affects different people differently.

There is also Ruderalis pot that grows mainly in Eastern Europe and Russia. I guess it’s fairly rough on the lungs and not that potent- I don’t know though.

But because of pot’s nature, set and setting have a lot to do with the experience. Set is what you bring to the drug mentally and physically, and Setting is where you do it. That is why people suggest trying strong pot with close friends that you trust so that you feel comfortable (Set) in a safe place that won’t shock you (Setting).
Take care-

The Dwarf Afghan strain also used to be considered a separate subspecies. The three or four major strains used to be genetically different enough from each other that they would not interbreed, but four decades’ worth of diligent hybridization by a legion of stoner horticulturists has now made virtually all strains cross-breedable.

Many of the new strains are popular and distinct enough to have their own names, like Big Bud, Skunk #9, Pluton, and Northern Lights, which I think High Times identified as the first (wildly successful) viable indica-sativa cross. For some reason, hydroponically grown marijuana begins to lose its quality and potency after about seven generations of cloning, so strains must be constantly manipulated in order to keep them healthy and mind-blowing.

If you happen to run across something called Mike’s Madness, tip your bong to a now-departed friend of mine. It was originally developed by crossing a heavy-duty indica with an extremely robust Hawaiian sativa, carefully nurtured in a forgotten corner of a huge Richmond greenhouse. The result was fantastic: super-high THC content, low amount of other cannabinoids, tough enough to grow in a cardboard box with a single glow-lamp, a stack of old newspapers, and a $5 timer. Man, do I ever wish I had some of that shit around now.