Marilyn Monroe was a Communist

At least, that’s what the FBI says:


I knew it all along.

Yeah, well this was the 1950’s and everyone who didn’t wear a narrow, black tie was a communist, according to J. Edgar “Does this dress make me look fat” Hoover.

So Marilyn Monroe caught Communism from Arthur Miller. And she must have passed it on to Joe DiMaggio. And he would have infected Major League Baseball, thereby destroying the moral fiber of our nation…

Damn those Commies!

As for JE Hoover, please stop spreading unfounded rumors.


Somehow, J. Edgar Hoover’s reputation being trashed by unfounded rumors is a tragedy that I can probably survive with fairly low levels of sorrow.


Oh, yay. <i>ad hominem</i> attacks in MPSIMS.

Yeah, me too.

But does that mean that when you quit the board, we can make up stories about how you used to run through shopping malls naked?

You’re confusing him with iampunha. :wink:

Snort! That made my day!

Well, it isn’t really equivalent . . .

Oh, what the heck.

Go ahead.


Arthur Miller is dead!?.
Aw, man!

Well, the Hoove made such an art form of it that we nearly renamed it “ad Hooverem.” :stuck_out_tongue: