Marinating, freezing and thawing steak

Last Sunday, for the tailgate at the Bears game, I marinated some rib-eyes for steak sandwiches in the morning. Drove in, grilled some, left a few on ice. When we got home, they were still nice and chilly so I stuck the leftovers in the freezer. Can I thaw them in the morning and grill them and not die of some exotic disease that occurs when you freeze lime, oil & vinegar, garlic and Tabasco?

Also - same thing for sliced pineapple - can they be frozen and thawed safely?

Freezing the lime, oil & vinegar, garlic and Tabasco is nothing to worry about. :smiley:

The general rule on this is that if you thaw something in the fridge you can safely re-freeze it (taste and texture considerations aside). But if you thaw something at room temperature you’d best cook it right then and there.

If you think that your steaks were constantly held at or below 45[sup]o[/sup]F then you’re probably OK throwing them in the freezer.

This rule is to maximize food safety; if you thaw a steak on the counter then throw it back in the freezer it’s far from certain that it will make you sick. But if a restaurant did it, it would be a health code violation.

ETA: Same answer for the pineapple–was it kept cold? Fruit is not quite as much of an issue as meat, though.

what s/he said. The pineapple is going to be really nasty, though. It will be safe, but it won’t be pretty nor yummy. You might be better off cooking it before you freeze it.

That’s pretty much what I did - then today I went out and bought 12 new ones anyway. I’ll mark which ones are the oldest and cook them last, only if they’re needed. If not, they go in the can right then and there.

Also I got some fresh pineapple. It’ll sit in some rum tonight then go right on the grill.

That I know will turn out yummy.