Mariner Outboard fuel mixture

Does anyone know the correct fuel to 2 stroke oil ratio for a mariner 2HP outboard motor (it’s probably 10 years old) ? 100/1 50/1 25/1 or what ?
Have searched and searched without success, even the mariner site doesnt give this info surprisingly, and the closest I can get is plenty of sites selling the owners manual.

I checked with my dad, who has an '83 Mariner. The manual says to use a 50-1 mixture.

The engines this would apply to are branded Mariner, but were actually built by Yamaha. I think that Mariner 2-horses stayed the same through the early '90s at least, but I’m not sure.

You may want to check the web for the stats for a Yamaha motor of the same era.

Good luck.

I do not think the ratio is very critical and you are probably safe using 2%. I think only very old types of two stroke motors required higher than that. I was once using 5% by mistake and managed to goo up the muffler to the point where it had to be replaced but I do not think you can damage the engine by using too much.