Marines! Advance and Be Recognized for a Happy 227th!

It’s almost that time of year again. Yes, it’s our birthday. Time to figure out is the oldest and youngest for the cake, dress in your best, roast a beef, and break out your best red. Although we all know, or at least should know, General LeJeune’s message, I’m posting a little early in case some guys who are “out of action” and are planning a ball need some incentive and/or this years ALMAR by the Commandant for same. Current official message for 2002 (official distribution removed) is as follows:

Happy Birthday Boys!!! Keep your hair short, your weapon clean, and your johnson wrapped. Stand tall, be proud, and hoist one for the bird with a ball and chain. Oo-rah, Hey hey, Oh yeah, and all the rest of that motivational stuff.

Semper Fi and here’s to you all:)

Not a Marine, but I wish I was (at times).

I love the quote regarding the heroism of the USMC along the lines of ‘The Marines have assured their existence for the next 500 years!’.

Even after my personal history, I may wear blue, but I still yearn for the anchor, globe, and eagle.

I believe it was a WWI quote.

That was James Forrestal, then SecNav, referring to the flag raising on Suribachi.

And if it helps Trip, I sometimes think of you as a jug:)

I’m trying to join the Air Force, But DAMN…I wanna be a Marine!

You guys have nothing but respect from me.

Thanks Turbo Dog. On both counts. :slight_smile:

Semper Fi

My son is a Young Marine. We are having our Birthday Ball on Saturday night. The little guy has worked really hard this year and he will be getting a promotion to Lance Corporal at the ball. He plans to be a Marine when he grows up.

From the Young Marines, Semper Fi.