Marine's father returns condolence letter to Obama

Is this legit? Who put this on the internet and why? I can only find political websites reposting this with almost verbatim articles saying the same thing over and over again. Who is Steven Hogan? A grieving father or political pundit? I cannot find the answers to these questions. If any of you can, please help because I like to get all my facts before I form a concrete opinion. It smells like a setup, but so many of my friends are willing to accept it at face value and calling me names because I doubt it authenticity.

This is the kind of thing that is hard to verify. It would be helpful if the writer could have pointed to specific rules of engagement that he thought led to his son’s death. But seeing how he took such pains as to include Obama’s middle name, it’s more likely he’s just an asshole.

You need new friends.

Well, Hunter D Hogan was in fact a marine who died in combat in 2012, and his father is in fact Steve Hogan.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be real. It would be exceptionally cruel to fake one of these outrage letters with a real marine’s name and father’s name, when one could just make up a name.

"Dear Mr. Hogan,

I have good news for you: your ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) is treatable. Please seek said treatment.



This x 100.

I like to have a variety of friends, even those who espouse certain political views I find unpalatable. The baby killers and dog kickers I do try to avoid however

This x 100.

but why post your outrage online? And the way it is written Like This With Every Word Capitalized. Do people really write like that? It’s understandable though obnoxious when people type like that, but it doesn’t seem like a likely writing style.

Do I believe its possible? Sure. If it was fake, after all this time, SOMEONE would have posted it somewhere in big red letters. Do I like what it says? No. But by God, I have no issue with him saying it. Had my brother died in Vietnam I would probably feel the same way about Nixon.

I’m not saying it was a great thing to do. I have relatives who are frothers about Obama. I could see them returning a condolence letter with typical I am Angry Righteous Indignation Capitalization.

The kid died in 2012. So maybe he didn’t really return it, but wrote the screed on back and saved it. Or photocopied it because he was so proud of what he was doing. But decided to go public now that his grief is more manageable. I don’t know. I just think it’s more likely this is real than not.

Man, those comments attached to this one make me sick. They seem to think the dead soldiers under Bush aren’t as dead or something, because “the librul media” didn’t make as big a deal? Or because those soldiers were able to kill more “Moslem jihadists” first? I can’t figure these people out.

My handwriting, especially when I am very excited or upset, almost requires a translator. My wife can read it most times but a stranger would have no chance. So in situations like that I print and sometimes all caps. Just from looks, it looks fine to me.

I’ve known a LOT of Marines in my life. Most would write exactly like that, or worse. This guy most likely encouraged his son to follow in his footsteps and praised him for being a Marine and applauded his going off to war. The reality of a dead son in a box, and his guilt at abetting that, has overwhelmed him with grief, so he’s lashing out in anger. I don’t fault that, other than posting it to social media, which is a little too much like publicity hunting.

My comment about your friends was meant to be humorous, although them “calling (you) names” doesn’t seem to fall into the realm of “espous(ing) certain political views (you) find unpalatable”. It seems more like being dickish, but YMMV of course.

YES! People Really Do Write Like That. I HAVE a UNION Brother Who Is Very Active And Who Often WRITES Impassioned Pleas For PEOPLE To Get Involved And SHOW Solidarity On Job Sites And He Will Capitalize The First LETTER Of Nearly Every Word And Sometimes Capitalize WHOLE Words Seemingly At Random. UNBELIEVABLY, To Him, He Never WINS Elections And PEOPLE Sometimes Roll Their Eyes When He STANDS To Speak At Our MEETINGS. He’s A Good Guy And HIS GOALS Are Laudable, But He Writes Like He’s Kinda CRAZY.

Yes, some people really do, as though everything is the title of a book or movie, etc. I’ve no idea from where they acquired the habit, but it’s terrible. No one who went through elementary/grammar school and had a remotely decent teacher would do it, but it may speak to the decline of our education system (to include producing increasingly more ignorant and ill-educated people being awarded teaching degrees, along the lines of “garbage in, garbage out”). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feed back. Keep it coming. It is sincerely helping me understand this whole thing.

I call that “Pooh case.”

If I find any aspect of someone “unpalatable” I have no desire to be their friend.

Having friends with unpalatable views is one thing. Having friends calling you names because you doubt its authenticity is another.