What is the truth behind this meme? [Our Navy Seals begged for help and Obama went to bed]

Our Navy Seals begged for help and Obama went to bed!

This was shared by my favourite uncle. What are the facts behind the claim?

Maybe another reference to Benghazi?

I’m pretty sure it is. I can only find right-wing websites and I don’t want to click on them because I doubt their objectivity. The meme is being recycled to defend Trump against his golfing during McCain’s funeral.

Do I want to know how in hell they get from Obama and Benghazi to Trump on a golf course?

No, I don’t think I could stand that just now. Carry on.

As with every “both siderism” comment, an ideal response is:

"Nearly all of these claims made by your side turn out to be false. This one probably is, too. But let’s assume for a moment that it’s completely valid.

How does Obama (or whoever) acting badly make it OK for Trump?"

Obama’s gone. Hillary didn’t win. The Bush’s are painting their toes.
Trump has to answer for Trump.
He needs to quit being a candyass, and stop whining. IMHO.

Irrelevant to the OP. The meme basically says that Obama didn’t care enough to help the SEALS. Instead of doing something, he went to bed. What, specifically, are they blaming Obama for, and what actually happened?

FWIW, the resurrection is being shared as ‘I’d rather have a president that doesn’t attend funerals, rather than one that causes them.’ But as I said, that’s irrelevant to the question I’m asking.

Presumably the deaths of people who can’t afford medical care don’t count in this?

I’d rather not get into a political discussion. Just looking for what Obama specifically did to presumably cause the deaths of Navy SEALs.

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Assuming it’s referring to Benghazi, two of the casualties from the attack were former Navy Seals (Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods) though both had left the Seals by 2006 and were working as security contractors for the CIA at the time of the attack. If you’re trying to sell a message, I’m sure “Navy Seals” scans better than “CIA security contractors” so that explains the “Seals” part although it gives the misleading impression that they were active duty soldiers.

During the attack, calls were made for assistance. The Republican led committee investigating the deaths ultimately blamed faulty military response:

I have no idea if Obama slept during any portion of the attack but then I doubt the person who made that sign does either. Ironically, another false story is that Obama and Clinton watched the whole multi-hour thing in real time and did nothing to call in assistance.

OK. Some detective work reveals this:

Picture here.

I conclude that this rumor has something to do with Obama denying help to Seals at Benghazi. There is a whole world of conspiracy on that. Snopes will talk you through it.

The short version seems to be that during the attack on the Benghazi compound, Obama and Clinton were watching in real time and actively stopped all attempts to send aid, including relieving military leaders of duty when they tried to help. Snopes details all of this. None of this is true, in case you were wondering.

Sorry for a tiny nitpick:

Sailors, not soldiers.

Thanks for the correction. I mentally collect them all as “soldiers” but apparently I’m incorrect to do so.

As the attack in Benghazi happened around 3pm Washington, DC time, I seriously doubt President Obama was getting ready for bed in mid-afternoon.

And it was over by 10pm Washington time, well before Obama’s Midnight-1am bedtime.

So just looking at the time it occurred tends to show that this story is untrue.

Snopes refutes it in it’s entirety, along with their tradition for providing cites: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/benghazi-bungle/

Note that the last GOP* House investigation report on Benghazi turned up virtually nothing new. E.g., that between the White House asking for additional troops from Europe to be sent and the attack on the CIA compound several hours elapsed. When the attack commenced no troops had taken off.

All the usual glurge like the infamous “stand down” order was refuted by the GOP investigation.

There just wasn’t time to do much of anything. And Trey Gowdy agrees.

  • The last of 6 such GOP investigations, btw. This one cost $7.8 million.

My understanding is that Snopes has been outed to have the same reliability as wikipedia… ymmv

Speaking of reliability-who says this, and what is their evidence?

In other words, far more reliable than roadside signs.

If you have evidence that contradicts the cites, post it. Otherwise this comment is irrelevant.