Mario Galaxy 2 - May 23

There were a few threads here expressing love for the first Galaxy (here’s one). Nintendo announced today that the sequel will be released in May. I can’t wait.

Other notes:
Monster Hunter Tri: April 20
Sin & Punishment 2: June 7
Metroid Other M: June 27

Now I need to finish the first one.

With all of the 3d Mario’s I lose interest about 80% of the way into the game. The levels go from fun places to explore and change into tedious chores it seems like. The only reason to beat them after that is to see the ending. Oh well, they’re worth it for that first 80%. Mario 64 was the only one that I went out of my way to get all 120 stars.

And come June 27th all Wii games of interest for the year will be out and everyone will have to wait another year for anything worth buying to come out.

Once again us Europeans get screwed. No set release dates for both SMG2 and Metroid. Thanks a lot Nintendo.

Except the next Zelda game which is on schedule for Christmas. And Epic Mickey which has gotten quite a bit of attention and is also planned for release around that time. And anything else that they haven’t started to hype yet because it’s way too early to start…

Looking forward to Mario Galaxy 2, but nintendo’s been pissing me off lately with their lazy development strategy (New Super Mario Bros Wii is a prime example of this). Kinda bothers me that they’re doing a direct sequel I don’t see this one as being very innovative, just more of the same but if they improve it enough I’ll still buy it, the first Galaxy was loads of fun.

Really looking forward to seeing what they do with the newest Zelda as that seems to be the project they’ve been spending most of their time on

I saw that Mickey Mouse game on the cover of a game informer. Is that only for Wii? It did sound pretty cool.

Agreed. My girlfriend is also looking forward to it as well.
…Of course, I don’t know what’s on deck for the 360 at the same time.

Ya, it’s a wii exclusive. Looks interesting but it could be terrible, too. I’m definitely take a wait and see approach

We’re looking at Halo Reach, Fable III, Fallout New Vegas, Crackdown 2, Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 and a few others all right around christmas or a bit before, with lots of otehr games I’m looking forward to coming out in late spring/summer. Looks like yet another year my Wii will be largely ignored

Well, shit. I’m with you. The Wii could get ignored and get another layer of dust. I hope Epic Mickey will be worth it.

I have a huge backlog of games I’d like to play on the PS3, but Mario Galaxy 2 will trump any of them.

That’s also because Mario 64 was “excellent” while all of the other 3D Mario games have been somewhere between “very good” and “really REALLY good”, but never quite reached that transcendent level.

Still looking forward to Galaxy 2 - it doesn’t have to reach the level of the very best Mario games to still be a ton of fun, and the first Galaxy was absolutely a ton of fun.

while I would agree mostly with this, I’d throw in that Mario Sunshine went from “good” to “amazing f-ing tedious” pretty quickly. Galaxy was pretty close to excellent, but i fear that galaxy 2 will simply be more of the same with a few new things thrown in there, nothing really revolutionary

You’re close. Sunshine started god awful, then got worse. Mario Galaxy, however, was amazing. That said, Mario 64 may still be one of the greatest–and certainly most important–games ever created.

The reviews are coming in and everybody loves it. Every review that I’ve read said they were worried about a paint-by-numbers sequel. “Let’s just make more of the same.”

Each critic said that this is not the case and that the level design is packed with imagination and innovation. Graphics and gameplay are the same (with a few minor tweaks) but this game is mostly about creating fun, interesting, and engaging levels. There is always something new around the corner and it doesn’t have any down-time.

Here’s the link to Metacritic where it has a score of 97 after 20 reviews.

The only down-side is that I have to wait until late July before I’ll be back in the States to pick up a copy. :frowning:

Yes I just started it and it is already every bit as fantastic as the first one, which itself was the best 3D platformer since Mario 64.

I’ll be back later when I get some more time under my belt, but I’m thinking this will be another Nintendo classic.

My copy is on the way. Got it pre-ordered from Wal-Mart for $30, and it comes with a $20 gift card. Don’t ask me how the hell that works.

My wife surprised-- no, shocked me with this game yesterday. She knows how much I love the first.

I’ve only played a few stars (4 I think) so far, so I can’t give much of a review yet. I will say a big huge WTF to the map system. The spaceship/observatory system in the first game was amazing. This is a huge step backwards, which isn’t cool.

And Yoshi is annoying, but he annoyed me in SMW, too, so I wasn’t expecting to like him. I hate how my lazy ass has to point at the screen when I’m using him. Hopefully he won’t be essential to too many levels.

It’s already very apparent how much more difficult this game is. I’m going to love that in the long run.

Is there going to be a boss on damn near every level, or will that mellow out?

Glad to see that this is getting such raves; I loved the first one! Unfortunately, I have some purchases to make before I can get MG2, but it’s on my list.

I’m liking it!

Flipflip Galaxy, in particular, is great cerebral fun.
I have to say that I much preferred the observatory though. Not liking the map system at all. The observatory had so much more character!

Maybe when starship mario gets more stuff, it’ll match up. Maybe.
And Rosalina was much cooler than fatso the blob.