Mark Watches...Buffy the Vampire Slayer

…just thought I’d introduce you guys to the Mark Watches Blog.

Mark Watches watches TV series in full: he starts from the very first episode and watches it right through to the end, reviewing about an episode a day that he posts to his blog.

His shtick is that he is completely unspoiled on the TV program he has decided to watch (apart from a few general bits and pieces) so reading his daily reviews are a treat: its like going back in time and experiencing the episode all over again.

I first discovered him while he was watching The Last Airbender: and I had forgotten how good the series was until the rewatch. He just finished watching Battlestar Galactica: and again, it was interesting to see it through fresh eyes.

Well, now he has started on Buffy: so knowing how many Buffy fans there are here I thought it would be nice to post the first review here so anyone interested in doing an episode a day rewatch might want to join in the fun. Its great fun to see someone fall in love with Willow for the first time, meet Giles whom he thinks is really cool, and is currently wondering if Angel is a slayer or not. Its a rare treat to watch someone discover a series for the first time, and its always good to have an excuse to watch Buffy again!

(Warning, bad language at the link: and the site has a STRICT NO SPOILERS POLICY. He knows absolutely nothing about the shows he watches, please don’t spoil the fun!)

Cool–I’ve just started watching BtVS for the first time myself on Netflix streaming. Well, I’ve seen a handful of episodes in the past, but not enough to really know all that much about the show. I’ve actually seen more of *Angel *(the series) than I have of BtVS. I’m at the beginning of season 2 of *Buffy *now.

Oh, man. I read his Firefly reviews and just couldn’t stand it. It read like a sociology lecture administered by Professor Squeeing F. Fangirl. Great idea for a website, but not entertaining for me because of the writer. Maybe with two, or two and a half notches less enthusiasm on his part, I could deal with it.

What have you done Banquet Bear?

Just what I needed, to read one more thing every day. :slight_smile: