Marketing in the instructions

Two-part question:

  1. Is there a marketing term for including sales pitches in the instructions for using a product?

  2. What is the purpose of/reason for this practice?

The most common use I’ve seen of this is software manuals. You install the software (let’s say a Web design or 3D modeling program) and open the manual to the tutorial, and discover that the tutorial or other instructions are still trying to sell you the product. Um, hello? I’ve already bought it and opened the box. I couldn’t even read this additional hype without buying the product, since it was sealed in the box. I’ve already made the purchase - stop trying to sell me! Your job’s done, marketing guy!

The silliest example I’ve seen appeared in the fine print cooking instructions for the frozen pizza I’ve got in the oven right this moment:

“Because Jack’s bakes up delicious and hot in your oven, please use care when handling the pizza. Let stand 5 minutes before enjoying.”

This is clearly the legal warning for morons who somehow don’t realize that hot pizza is going to be, ya know, hot. Why the need to include “delicious” here? Why the need to say “before enjoying” instead of the more straightforward “before eating”?

Granted, the pizza example is printed on the outside of the packaging, but who studies the cooking instructions on a frozen pizza before purchase? Frozen pizza is a “hey, that looks good” kind of purchase.