Marley, you're letting your opinions and interactions as a poster influence your modding.

It would be awesome if you could ease up on that a bit, maybe let somebody else take care of it. I’m not saying another mod wouldn’t make the same calls, but it looks improper.

You want to be more specific in your examples (say cite the post numbers)? Because I’m not reading an 11 page thread to pick out what you think is possibly unfair to see if I agree.

So far, case not made.

Gotta vote with Irishman on this one. I suppose it is possible that Marley did something he shouldn’t have done somewhere, but I can’t be arsed to wade through 11 pages of a thread I’m not involved in to figure out what it might be.

I’m sure he’s talking about my moderating of ivan astikov. I moderated a bunch of posts in that thread, but most of the others were comments to Don123 about copyright rules or notes telling people to avoid personal insults. Here’s how the exchange with ivan astikov went:

Yes, I watched the whole thing unfold. **Marley23 **was neither unclear nor out of line in his moderation of ivan astikov.

Some of that, some of Don’s. Can’t grab cites at the moment as I’m at work.

Heck, I don’t necessarily think the moderation was out of line, just that you were posting hot and heavy with everyone else (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course), and then turning right around and modding responses to your posts as a poster.

I just think that should be avoided when possible. It’s easy to get the impression that discussions and arguments you get into when you’re a poster might influence the interactions and decisions you make as a mod.

I get that people don’t want the moderators to put their fingers on the scale to give an advantage to their side of an argument. I try not to do that, but at the same time if I see a potential rules violation in a thread, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to ignore it and potentially let it get out of hand while I wait for another mod to check the boards. I don’t think that’s a practical approach. If this were a paid gig and some moderators were always online, I’d be fine with it. And in some cases I will bow out of a moderating decision and leave it to others. But in general I think it’s okay.

The other posts were three mod notes to Don123, all about posting very long quotes from other sites (sometimes with attribution that was a little confusing), and these two notes about personal comments:

Quoth ivan: I’ll keep throwing them to you, you keep trying to knock them out of the park.

This right here is the important bit of that exchange. I made a remark from a personal perspective regarding a group, none of whom were named specifically. Now, is Marley23’s response a personal perspective aimed at a specific individual, or not?

I’ll let you decide for yourselves on that one.

What do you think that means?

This might be semi-interesting.

You don’t need to name the individuals. You made it clear you were talking about people who disagreed with you - apparently all of them. And you said something about them that was more appropriate for the Pit than Great Debates, so I told you to stop that. Your response was that you were keepin’ it real. Or “straight-talkin,” I guess. I don’t know if that kind of defense works anywhere, but it doesn’t work here.

You tell me. Without games.

No, Lute. You are attempting to make a point, so lay it out now.

Still doesn’t address you getting all personal on my ass.

Thanks for posting the exchange.

Looks to me like you handled the situation just fine. I find no fault with your moderation in this instance. Or generally, for that matter.

I was straight-talkin. And when did you get so sensitive? You’d just told a bunch of people they had their tongues up Barack Obama’s ass, and you’re bothered that I called the same comment moronic?

ivan, it has been board policy for as long as I’ve been here that you can call comments moronic, but not call the poster a moron. If you haven’t heard that distinction made, now you have. Get over it.

I have. Thanks for the support, Munch.

Dude, you do not get support when you’re in the wrong. I call em like I see em. Almost every mod here has been on the receiving end of my displeasure at one time or another, but when they get it right, I acknowledge that, too.

Here, Marley gave you every chance in the world to just let it drop. You refused to do that, so he threw the flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. Instant replay shows that to be a good call.

The initial call on my ass-licking comment was a reasonable one, but he went and spoilt it by getting personal himself - albeit in the “I’m aiming it at his comment, not his person” stylee that seems to be acceptable - in his very next line.