Marley23 - clarification please

This is not a complaint about moderating. I’m looking for some clarification here.

In the thread ‘How is Communism a Religion’ I associated Atheism and Communism as being religions in the same sense. I did not intend to hijack the thread. I did respond to those who responded to my post. I can understand people disagreeing with me, but those disagreements centered on Atheism not being a religion, and so my responses reflected that. But you may notice that I asked those who insisted on following the Atheism track to continue in the thread about Atheism and Non-Belief. I am curious how this is considered a hijack on my part. I do however accept responsibility for continuing along the line and adding to the problem.

I believe all of the relevant posts are shown here:

You were right to suggest a separate thread. But you kept posting about the atheism topic in the Communism thread, so that didn’t really settle the matter. My note applies to everybody, but the hijack about atheism being a religion was driven mostly by your posts and your questions. And quoting one post (the one that probably started the tangent) was faster than quoting every post related to the hijack.

Okay, I understand. Thank you for your response.