Marley23, what was this merge all about?

There’s a perfectly goodthread about Palin’s political future that had been going on for two days. Somebody starts a new one.

Instead of closing the new one, with a link to the existing one, as would be sensible, you chose to merge them. The new thread doesn’t even kick in until post #94.

Is this a new policy? Whenever anyone starts a related thread, you’re going to merge them no matter how long they’ve been going or what havoc it wreaks with both of them?

If you’re going to pretend to be a GD mod, at least you could pretend to be a competent one.

**Frank’s **becoming one of us! One of us!

He’s been one of us for quite a while. Removing the mind-control nanites will do that.

Frank, I like you. I liked you as a mod, and I like you as a poster.

But I’m kinda surprised you stuck around after your mod retirement. It’s like you know how the sausage is made, you don’t like how the sausage is made, you’ve been pretty vocal about not liking how the sausage is made, but you keep eating the sausage.

Although, I’m also rather intrigued by your somewhat acrimonious relationship with your former-fellow sausage-makers, er, mods.

This sausage definitely has some lips in it.

I like the board; what can I say?

Frankly, I think that almost all of the mods do good work almost all the time, and some of them do excellent work almost all the time. The time I spent in the loop only gave me a greater appreciation of those mods. Being exposed to their thought processes and arguments was impressive. And on that, I shall not name names; I’d forget someone and hurt their feelings. :wink:

Mods don’t have feelings.

I don’t see the havoc. It’s an anti-Palin circle jerk and it doesn’t appear anyone even noticed the merge.

I’m all for merging similar political threads.

Heh. Sorry, I am easily amused.

I like new Frank, btw.