MARRIED BY AMERICA??? The institution of marriage is dead!

On this show, would it be possible to hook up two women (or two men)? That would be immensely amusing.

So I’m curious about the tone of the thread here. Ok, yeah, it could be “dissin’” the “institution of marriage” here to have it made by complete strangers watching a tv show. (but hey, we can’t just let gay people marry, that would devalue it, but Vegas is ok…and so are common-law marriages. Hmm, to that I would say “fuck you”. Let the GLBTs marry as they please.)

But arranged marriages really aren’t anything new. In fact, haven’t they been around longer than marrying whom one pleases?

Actually, I’ve been trying to get a bunch of people to watch and all vote for the worst match… How did you know?

Actually, I’ve been trying to get a bunch of people to watch and all vote for the worst match… How did you know?

I agree with the OP

That being said, I though the show was kind of entertaining.

In a very look at the freaks sort of way.

Sorry Jack. I’m not very observant. Especailly when I’m in the grip of moral indignation.

I understand.
I just feel strongly about this travesty too, so I was ringing my own gong a little.

And they cancelled Boston Public for it! Murderous rage…

Actually, that’s the only good thing about that stinking show.

Shows I have never watched:

MTV’sThe Real World
MTV’sRoad Rules
Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire
The Mole
The Bachelor
The Bachelorette

The one where the potential mate has to meet the parents
Joe Millionaire
Married by America

I’m a better person than all of you. :smiley:

Three weeks and the petition link’s in your inbox.

It’s a statistical fact[sup]*[/sup] that fully one half of all reality shows end in divorce.

[sub][sup]*[/sup]It probably isn’t, but what the hell.[/sub]

Dear God. Arranged marriages are only foreign to Americans? What planet’s this asshole from?

And when your family and friends pick a bride/groom for you, at least they know you, and arguably act in your best interests (not that I agree to the notion of arranged marriages). This is a step below that: having complete morons decide who your partner-for-life is going to be.


I don’t watch television at all! Nyeh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, 'cept Spongebob Squarepants…

Sure, Fox is sleazy, but is it any more sleazy than some primitive tribal herder who exchanges his daughter for livestock?

Actually, we used to have arranged marriages here, many moons ago. Usually, a trade of cows was involved.

That’s STILL a step up from this crap.

The sad thing? There are more and more ‘reality’ shows on the way. Once network execs get a truly bad idea they tend to run with it.

Don’t be so sure your geart grandparents weren’t hooked up that way.

[quote"In different parts of the world, in Japan and India, people get together in marriages. They’ve been put together by their family and friends and it actually turns out that they’re happy." [/quote]

Speaking for Japan, anyway, they’re not arranged marriages so much as blind dates set up by the parents. The couples meet each other, date for a while, and decide for themselves whether or not they’re compatible enough to get hitched. The only difference is that the ‘meet the parents and get their approval’ is done by the first date.

For that matter arranged marriages do happen in the United States.

I have a Korean-American friend (female) who’s sister was placed in one. It didn’t last. And my pal fled Cleveland to escape another one. She’s currently developing a dot-com business from an ‘undisclosed location’.