Married By America -- This makes me ill.

I’m right there with you, Jack.

Understand that I watched the 2 hour finale of Joe Millionaire. And all 2 hours I hated myself for giving in and watching that kind of program.

But this one, in my mind, is worse than most of the other reality shows.

I remember all the scandal after Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?. Apparently network executives do not. Or, they remember the ratings, and figure it’s worth the hassle. But I am surprised that this is going to be on the air.

I know lots of people watch this stuff. But does that really make it okay to show it? Sometimes I fall into the trap of watching crap just because there’s nothing else on. And when I do that, I really regret it, and wish afterwards that I had just shut the damn TV off.

Thankfully the OFF button wins more often than not with me, but oh, those times it doesn’t…

And you have every right to be. This all ridiculous. And sickening.

Monty - thanks.

Gay marriages vs reality TV marriages aside, I would be lying if I were to say that I won’t watch it. In fact, I am really looking forward to it! I’m hoping it will be as juicy as Temptation Island or Love Cruise, but I have my doubts.

I feel very uncomfortable watching people look like fools when they have no control over the situation, but the people on reality TV make the decision to look like idiots the moment they agree to be on the show. They know what they are getting into and I enjoy watching the jackasses make fools of themselves. It’s like watching monkeys in a cage but with only a lot more shit slinging and leg humping.


I agree with you completely, especially the part about the right-wing knee-eaters and how they defend marriage as a sacred bond between a penis and a vagina. Thanks for your rant. It was something that definitely needed to be said.

Jack! You completely rock! I read the first half of your OP and immediately conceived the second half in my head. Then I continued reading, and found you’d said it for me.

Robertson, et al., have no credibility left. There has been no “sanctity of marriage” at all for quite some time. Their anti-gay stance is now revealed as mere bigotry. Yay for this program, and yay for you!