Married to the same person for how long?

18 years, 3 months as of tommorrow for me.

How about you? What are your martial stats? How many of you top mine for longevity? I’m sure some of you can…can’t you?

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8 years. Almost 1/3 of my life. [I am 27]

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Also 8 years, as of July 20, 1999; but we’ve been together for 10 years. (I am 29, btw).

11 years last month. 1/3 of my life – I’m 33.

Fourteen years married!! But I gotta split the total between 2 ex-wives and my current wife.

So the box score reads: 2-10-2

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28 years …

CKDextHavn replied:

“28 years”
Wow! That’s longer than most Straight Dopers have been alive! And it’s also quite an achievment!

Contestant #3

“Martial stats”? What do you people do to your spouses? :wink:

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That would be 37 years.
Damn, but she’s a lucky woman!!

Uh . . . ten months and sixteen days.


5, 10, 14

strange arithmetic progression, but there ya go.

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Martial stats! Alright finally a topic for me … ohh wait … everybody is talking about marriage. Must mean marital stats. cry sob … I thought finally a thread for us martial artist types.

Almost 2 years to answer the question.

Three years, three months, two weeks, two days, one kid, one dog.

Engaged for 18 months.

Dated for one year.

Friends for a little more than two years before that.

It still doesn’t equal 19, 28, or 37, but hey… I’m only twenty-three, ya know?

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CKDextHavn replied:
“28 years”
Wow! That’s longer than most Straight Dopers have been alive! And it’s also quite an achievment!
-Contestant #3[/quote}

Um, no, it’s not longer than most of us have been alive. Most of the original Dopers are grown ups.

But yea, congrats Dex!

Oh, and to reply for myself: 16 years married plus 5 years as a couple (of what?) beforehand.

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Well, does it count that I’ve considered it five times? Five proposals (twice from the same man) but I only really considered for about 2 hours all together before I said no. So, does that count?

To all of you who have taken the plunge and made it last: Congratulations! I’m in awe of you! It was difficult for me to make the commitment to get a dog let alone pick a life partner!

I am a newbie here, can I play too ?

Married twice,
First for 4 months ( he died)
Currently for 21 years and four months.


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Monday will be 4 1-2 years for me and my (first and only) wife.

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8 yrs 2 months and 11 days. We started dating each other 10 yrs before.

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5 years
37 HRs
211 RBIs
bats right, throws right.

16 years, 1 month, 4 days, 1 hour, 47 minutes. (But who’s counting?)