Mars: The Great Salt Lick

Not good for life, it seems.

As disappointing as this news is, it’s not really surprising to me.

All the sudden I’m craving pickles.

Pickles do sound kinda good.

I’m all hungry now.

Hey, Tucker, any mention of garlic found in those samples? And can someone help me get this lid off the jar?

You, sir, are a dick.

Well played, Cocky McDickerton.

Unless of course the life on mars happened to evolve to live in an acidic and salty [halidic?] environment, just because it would have been inimicable to our life format doesnt mean that mars was exactly like earth … and what about those microbes that live in the volcanic vent areas in our oceans? they didnt expect to find those either…

It’ll be colonized by Mormons.

A’thankyou. Hmm… Now I’m considering a user name change. Cocky McDickerson has a certain ring to it.

Well, as the article points out, conditions on Mars would have been too harsh for any extremophiles here on Earth. It’s of course, always possible for life to have found a way to evolve on Mars, but the farther away you get from Earth-like conditions, the harder it will be for us to identify it.

What if there is life on Mars, but it’s invisible? What if that life consists of hyperintelligent aliens planning an invasion? We’d never see them coming.

Is that where the Salt of the Earth went?

Oh, be still, my beating heart!

Slight nitpik, but the article did say there are a “handful” of terrestrial organisms which could survive those conditions.

Any signs of bacon, yet?

Pickles are green…
Martians are green…
… coincidence?


Aaaand, they both come in saucers.

Now if you`d excuse me there is a pickle pointing a ray gun at me demanding to see my leader.

The chances are … a million to one.

Which are much better than the odds of winning the lottery.

I’m getting worried now

With seven billion people on Earth, that’s about a thousand attacks!

Does no-one listen to the classics anymore? That was a perfectly good straight line, people!