Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) hoisted on her own petard

This is actually more of a high five to MSNBC reporter Thomas Roberts for doing something members of the media seem reluctant to do, dare they insult the sensibilities of a nation who wants their media to be free of bias (well, unless they watch Fox News). But he asked a hard question of a politician recently. Good on him.

But there’s not a “Thumbs up” thread around here, so instead I’ll marvel at how thoroughly one of my least favorite politicians, Marsha Blackburn, got taken to the woodshed in this interview. Because Roberts was able to use her own words to immediately stop her attempts to turn the question around on the interviewer.

The question seems loaded, but it’s really not unfair as the rest of the interview will show, just sensationalistically worded:

The response was at first in the vein of a how dare you ask that question whine followed by a telling deflection: “We didn’t want a government shutdown.”

This allowed the intrepid investigator to hold her feet to the fire in a manner the media needs to do a lot more: With her own words.

Yes. Yes she did. To quote noted conservative scholar Rick Perry: “Oops.”

Which means that she does, in fact, hate Obamacare more than she loves America. Fuck her for that and fuck her a second time for not even having the courage of her convictions, as lame as they may be.

No it doesn’t. You can believe in enduring pain now to avoid a worse consequence later, every addict in recovery does it.

Look, I agree the GOP are completely at fault for a ridiculous tantrum to prevent something I agree with. But ‘GOP hates America’ really deserves a :rolleyes:.

Their actions prove otherwise. What do you consider the damage that they intentionally set up to happen exclusively over the ACA? Tough love? :rolleyes: indeed.

My first thought (and I found this echoed online) is just how easy the question is to answer (“Of course I love this country. That is why I am doing everything possible to prevent a wasteful government program that will only harm the people it claims to protect”), yet she STILL screws it up.

I don’t get it.

Exactly. By now they all should have prepared to bat down that line of attack. That they have not leaves me very disappointed at the quality of their handlers.

And it’s ‘hoisted BY ones own petard’.

No, it’s “Hoist with his own petar.”

Its a retard with a hoist, isn’t it? Like impound tow truck driver?

Here in Blackburn Country, the media never even mentioned that.
I didn’t know it even happened, until you posted.

Hillbillies got media?

Nope. Cecil was merely quoting Shakespeare. It’s “petard.”

Sorry, this is an OP fail, and a reporter fail.

Playing a “how much do you love America” game is about as low as it gets as far as political criticism. “Hey Obama, do you have wearing a flag pin more than you love America?”

Yep. Oddly enough, it didn’t manage to make at least two of our local newscasts. :rolleyes:

Because the damage to the country over a flag pin is completely comparable with the siutation now that Republicans have willingly and intentionally put us in. :rolleyes:

Do Republicans ever have equivilancies that are not false?

I agree. Any competent politician should have anticipated this kind of question was going to arise and prepared an answer. It’s says disappointing things about our media that politicians don’t expect to have to answer hard questions in an interview.

Well said, Little Nemo.

We always hurt the one we love.

So Marsha Blackburn is defeated by a fart-smell. Still fits, still is what she deserves.

“Do unto others, then…split!”

  • Jackie Vernon