(marshmallow) Peep Show V Winner announced!

The Washington Post has an annual “Peep show” contest for folks who create dioramas using marshmallow peeps. It’s always great fun, but this year’s winner is the best one I ever seen:

I can’t access this site no matter how I try to get to it. : ( LOVE PEEPS!

You may just need to be patient. There’s a lot of traffic, and you have to sit through the commercial first. :mad:

Here’s an alternate link just in case it helps: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/peeps-show-v/2011/04/11/AF3NYHSD_gallery.html

It may also get easier as the week goes on - lot’s of traffic in the early days!

ETA: I just noticed that I can only see the thumbnails unless I hit the “Full Screen” button at bottom right.

Well, it beats eating them

I liked the M.C. Escher Peep. And the Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night peep.

Thanks. Can’t wait to see 'em; especially the two mentioned by Cal.

They’re all wildly creative, but I love the Noah’s ark one. Cute!

The Chicago Tribune’s Marshmallow Peeps Diorama contest also had the Chilean mine rescue among its top finalists:

Dull bunch of entries this year, though. Peeps fans may want to check out prior year’s galleries: