martha stewart/kmart... this is news?

Come on!

Someone writes a book critical of martha stewart. k-mart, who carries her products of course bans a tabloid which includes exerpts of the book. this is news? how?

Assume you have a position of influence at k-mart. martha stewart is a cash cow. there is no way in hell you are going to piss off this shrew by carrying a book critical of her!

you’d have to be a g-d idiot to allow this to be sold on-site at k-mart. you’d be fired on the spot if you allowed this. man… it amazes me that some jackass jounalist would even consider this a story. of course k-mart will bend over for her… they’d be stupid not to. what sort of idiot would even consider not caving into this moody bitch?

are most journalists idiots? do they not live in the real world?