Martin Lawrence. Why?

Why does he keep making movies? How come the man works? His IMDb listing show that he keeps getting projects and that Big Momma’s House 2 is in the works. He doesn’t act, and while many movie stars don’t act either, he’s not funny. Opening your eyes wide and screaming is not funny.
Since he keeps working, I assume that there’s an audience big enough to make the studios fork up more money for more productions. But who sees his films?
And how come he can attract some serious talent to co-star with him?

Good fucking God I hate Martin Lawrence.

That is all.


Martin Lawrence is who they use when they can’t get the following three stars: Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and Ice Cube.

There is a theory that, given the relative lack of blacks in the upper eschelons of Hollywood, blacks will go see any movie as long as it has a black director and/or producer so they can support Black Cinema.

Or Chris Rock or Chris Tucker.

To borrow and redirect a Family Guy line; How does Martin Lawrence keep getting work?!

Lawrence is hilarious. He can turn even mediocre material into something pretty damn funny. His last few pics have been material too bad for him to overcome, however.

I’ll have whatever Aeschines has been smoking.

Aren’t they the same guy? I’m not kidding. Had anyone asked me who was in Rush Hour with Jackie Chan, I’d have answered Chris Rock.

If he’s trying to shatter your eardrums, it’s Chris Tucker.

Love 'em both, though.

Big Momma’s House did over 100 million dollars.

He is also the PRODUCER of his own movies now. So of course he is going to hire himself.

Woody Allen gets acting gigs the same way.

Black people.

As cliche as it sounds, if you aren’t black, you wouldn’t understand.

The cultural separation between whites and blacks in the United States is truly staggering in this regard; the two groups watch completely different movies and different TV shows. To most U.S. blacks, the landscape of movies they’re looking forward to watching is a totally different lineup than yours. There’s crossover at the extreme top of the scale, but other than that the USA has a very deep cultural divide.

My favourite statistic is this; Seinfeld, the most popular sitcom in the history of television, was never in the top FIFTY of popular shows among U.S. black viewers.

Lawrence is essentially the black Will Ferrell. If you can’t understand Lawrence, imagine how black people (and a lot of white people too, mind you) feel about Ferrell. Ferrell is essentially talentless and unfunny and really can’t act at all; his one schtick is the bizarre, pompous fool. Yet white audiences will apparently pay to see him play that one part, and they’ll pay by the millions.

I’ll sit with you in this corner! I love Martin’s stand-up stuff, and I thought his TV show was fucking funny. Martin as “Shanaenae” is classic.

His TV show was pretty funny, and it took place in Detroit, to boot.

But his movies… ugh. My friend and I both agreed the other day that he should really just give it up for awhile and go back to stand-up instead of starring in African-American Comedy No. 3,423 or whatever his new movie is.

Having said that, I thought RickJay’s post was very interesting. The most recent example of this ridiculously sharp divide was when “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” opened up at No. 1 at the box office. My guess is that 90 percent of white people had no idea this movie existed. In fact, I remember seeing it listed as no. 1 on sites that review most major studio films, and hardly any of them had reviewed it, it was that far under the radar.

And it was only last night that this white boy learned that that movie was based on a series of plays that were extremely popular within the black community. It reminded me of those cheaply-produced ads I’d sometimes see on TV for plays with all-black casts, showing all-black audiences laughing their asses off.

Black people don’t go see “white” plays, and vice versa. The same goes with TV and movies. It really is kind of a shame that the only movies that draw from both groups are usually the most mindless and explosion-laden.

Jesus wept. I remember back in 1977 when Star Wars was the first movie to make that much, and it was a huge deal. Of course, movie tickets were a whole lot cheaper then. I wish they’d list number of tickets sold instead of monetary gross.

The cultural divide was really brought home to me by the bit that Chris Rock did about it at the Oscars. He interviewed black people “on the street” and asked them whether they had seen “Million Dollar Baby” or “The Aviator” (movies nominated for Best Picture), and none of them had. Then he asked whether they had seen “White Chicks” (a Wayans brothers movie popular with the black audience) and they all raved about it and said that it should have been nominated. Of course the bit was staged and/or edited, but it accurately portrayed the vast gap between the black and white movie audiences.

I’ve seen figures that indicate that Gone With the Wind still holds the record.

Great. Now I have a vision of Martin Lawrence as Shanaenae as Butterfly McQueen as Sissy.

You need to work Jar-Jar in there, somehow, to have a complete mental breakdown. :smiley:

My wife will never forgive me, but she can add it to the list: it’s Prissy, not Sissy.

Prissy, as played by, um, all of the above, looks like an aquatic dinosaur with a large, ghetto-fabulous hairdo. She has one hand on her hip and she is wagging her forehead at Scarlett, played by Garrett Morris.

“Me-a don’t-a know nuttin’ ‘bout birtin’ babies, Meesa Scarlett!”