Steve Martin, What Expensive Habit Do You Have That Requires So Much Whoring?

I’m thinking that it must be near terminal heroin, as I can’t think of any reason why you’d agree to do Pink Panther 2. Heck, I can’t even understand why Hollywood would want to make a sequel to the previous one, since by all accounts, it was a turd blossom of epic proportions. You used to be funny. WTF happened?

Well, Martin does have expensive taste in American Art. There must be a painting he wants, and this is an easy way to get it. In the words of Michael Caine: “First of all, I choose the great roles, and if none of these come, I choose the mediocre ones, and if they don’t come, I choose the ones that pay the rent.”

Yeah, he must have a hell of Fabergé egg habit.

If there’s a factual answer to this question, it’s definitely “art.” Or it could be something about financing stuff he wants to make, but…

Maybe he’s an performer and needs to keep performing. Maybe he’s not getting other offers and needs to keep working for his SAG insurance (healthcare prices today…whoa!)

I would sincerely hope this is the answer.

“Ok, I’ll make your crappy piece of shit movie, but in return I get to make X”

Or maybe it’s

“Ok fine, as long as you hire (insert actress name here) as the romantic interest and put it in her contract that she has to keep me happy during the shoot.”

At least, that’s what I’d be doing… :smiley:

I had heard of this quote from Michael Caine speaking of Jaws III, “I have not seen the movie, but by all accounts it is terrible. I have however, seen the house that it bought, and it is terrific.”

I believe that would have been Jaws IV,the revenge, tho’ Jaws 3 (3-D) was bad, too.

Can’t really blame the guy. It’s what he does for a living. Somebody must think he’s funny if they’re willing to give him that kind of scratch for what I can only imagine isn’t a job that most people would find too difficult. If you have talent. Heck, I guess even if some think you don’t. I shouldn’t even be posting this as I bought PP1 on DVD but haven’t watched it yet. I buy flicks every week and that one always seems to get pushed to the back. Guess he really isn’t that funny but he did some of my money already. Maybe I’ll watch it tonight, heck, screw that. Ghost Rider it is.

A pitch of “it’s a remake of The Pink Panther” would’ve tipped me off and nipped this shit in the bud. But then like Revtim, I don’t really like Fabergé Eggs that much.

Ya know the first Star Trek movie was a big disappointment even for most Trek fans but they fixed their mistakes and went on to make some okay movies. I haven’t even seen the remake of PP with Martin because of bad reviews. He has made some stinkers but I still love him.

Maybe they’ll get more things right in the remake.

Maybe I’m in the (miniscule) minority here, but I think Star Trek I contains one of the finest, most wholesome prescient messages in all our modern media. Perhaps I’m just a Voyager Space Junk nut.

From Steve Martin massacring Clouseau to Steve Carrell aping Don Adams, please give me the originals or you will always miss it by that much, goddamnit.

I have no additional insights into why Steve Martin continues to do such dreck, but I have an inkling as to why he keeps getting paid big bucks for it. His name on a DVD box guarantees that we will run out of it the first couple weekends, no matter how many we buy, and it will continue to rent strongly long after. He–and Robin Williams–are utterly critic-proof, and seem to be exactly what the braindead renting masses most crave.

That really sucks.

Huh ? Did you say something? :smiley:

I hope he’s not doing it to finance his pet movies.

Because I’ve seen Shopgirl. :smack:

Or perhaps, just perhaps, he likes to work. Lawrence Olivier did ‘Clash of the Titans’, after all. Alec Guiness did ‘Star Wars’.

There’s a certain type of actor who just likes to perform. Toss a part at them and, if they’ve got nothing else going, they’ll take a week or six and give it a go. It fills up the time.

Hey, now! None of that. Attack the rest of the dreck all you want, but touch not the original “Summer Movie.”

“Pink Panther” was a movie of absolutely transcendent atrociousness. I saw it on a plane and I was praying for a mid air collision. Honestly, it would be hard for me to explain in the mere medium of the written word just how bad it was. It would be like trying to describe childbirth pain, or grief, or to comprehend the Holocaust.

But if they’re gonna give Steve Martin a few million cabbages to make another one, why the hell should be say no? While I’m talking about how bad it was, he’ll be sitting by his fifty-foot pool while bikini models bring him margaritas and wipe his brow with fifty-dollar bills. Good for him.

Probably stupid stuff, such as food, college funding for any offspring, support for his old age, and other such trivialities.

Damn actors wanting to work and stuff. WTF?