Steve Martin, What Expensive Habit Do You Have That Requires So Much Whoring?

well, I hope this isn’t too much of a change of path to count as a High jack, but…

What would you like to see Steve Martin do… For me… I think he would make a terrific Candide… (A bit old I know… call in the CGI guys…)

Robin Williams? Iganatius J Reilly from “A Confederacy of Dunces” he could so TOTALLY pull it off…

Mod… feel free to delete this post if it is too much of a hijack…)


Hijack? In the Pit?
Bush sux, and so do the Dodger this road trip. The cats need their claws clipped, and bourbon is better than scotch in the summer.

Martin really needs to do a role that George Clooney gets pitched for.

Best two-line movie review ever!

I like your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
Maybe they should play this flick at Gitmo.

Thats too cruel, even for that place. Hell, they didn’t play PP with SM* even in Abu Ghraib. Using it in Gitmo would bring Amnesty International to the point of arming themselves and storming the base, human-wave style.

*Yes, I know that reads really dirty. That’s about what watching it felt like - turning one’s unit over to a trained torturer. And not in a fun way, either.

It’s going to suck, of course, but because lots of people seem to believe that you can’t criticise a movie unless you’ve seen it*, lots of people will hand over their cash at the box office and the video store, will watch it and will tell everyone how much it sucked.

*I am not one of these people - I have not seen the first PP movie starring Steve Martin, but I am perfectly happy to say that it sucks.

Like Jaws 3. Yikes, what a dismal puker of a flick. The special effects were, how shall we say, very special. Anyone catch the ocean scene at the end…with the backdrop?

The really sad part about it was that Steve Martin’s Pink Pather was Steve’s idea.

I remember reading that he went to a director or producer saying that this was an idea he was working on and could they help him develop it.

So it’s not even like they approached him with the idea and an open checkbook. It was his own idea to do the film.

It’s his art collection. From an earlier thread on this very topic:

It does raise the philosophical question of whether encouraging the production of high art justifies the creation of popular art in bad faith, when that Faustian deal results in the desecration of a still-vibrant popular art form, like the movies…

How is PP2 “in bad faith?” It will be a stinker, but making it just shows that the movie business is a business, and they will make what they think will sell. Any “Art” involved is usually secondary, if not tertiary.

Maybe he was talking about Louis Gossett Jr.'s house. :wink:

He’s a rubberhead.

Rubberheads throw fish.

Work it out.

Wouldn’t cost that much, but he insists on using fugu . . .

Obviously, he needs *you *to be his agent. Write him a letter, immediately. Share your concerns with him and warn him that his terrible choices will soon doom his carrer (it it isn’t already too late.) Then lay out, point by point, in excruciating detail, how much better a job you can do for him and how much more money he will make with you guiding his career.

You owe it to him, Tuckerfan. You are the only one who can save him.

No, I was wrong, it was Jaws IV, not Jaws III. I should have looked it up. I usually have to call my son on the Rocky movies too. “Was that the one where the Russian killed Apollo Creed?” It’s kind of embarassing to have such a poor memory for numbered movies. Hell, I saw Ocean’s 11 and completely forgot seeing 1 through 10.

I believe that was Jaws (the first one), actually. FWIW, so does wikipedia.

Hijack over - continue the Pink Panther bashing at your leisure…

And Ben Kingsley did BloodRayne, along with Billy Zane and Michael Madsen. :confused:

Well, strictly as a money-making idea, I guess it was a good one.

In this case, I don’t think ‘art’ made the top ten.

I love that movie.

Last I heard, Steve Martin isn’t interested in doing comedy. I would bet that the only reason he does it is to finance the deeper stuff. He’s a great writer as well as a good serious actor. I’ve got no problem with him doing the occasional shitty movie, as no one is forcing me to watch and plenty of people are flocking to the theater to see his movies. I know that the good stuff is just around the corner with him.

The Steve Martin PP sucked? Why was I not informed? I liked it. I welcome a new series starring Steve Martin.

Besides they have the whole Davinci Code thing to provide material. “Miisour Landrone, yur laff iz in danger.”
“my what?”
“Your laff, your laff iz in danger.”